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Scott Brown Joins Senate Armed Services Committee. Good Or Bad for DADT?

Just when you thought the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell parade couldn’t get hampered down any more, the U.S. Senate’s newest member Scott Brown was just named to the Senate Armed Services Committee. So how’s that gonna play on openly gay servicemembers?

Brown told Barbara Walters last month that he doesn’t have a personal position on DADT — yet. He wants to hear from military leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan about whether they’re up for a repeal.

Thus far, we’ve already heard from those generals’ bosses, including Defense Sec. Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, as well as their underlings at each military branch. Former Iraqi commander Gen. David Petraeus hinted at his support; his successor Gen. Raymond Odierno has come out in full force for a repeal.

The positions of these men — and they are, frankly, all men — is clear. What’s unclear, then, is whether Brown will agree to sit on his hands for a year while the Pentagon “studies” a repeal, or whether he’ll join the Democrats who want a repeal now.

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