Scruff Taps Its Men To See Which Cities Have The Least To Hide

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.23.24 AMWhen hookup dating apps first emerged onto the market and changed the landscape of social interaction in the gay community as fast as you could load more guys, the idea of posting a face pic was still a bit edgy, even in gay meccas.

But times have changed. Edward Snowden taught us that the government can (and does) go through all our junk, celebrities have been hacked, and once-taboo apps like Grindr and Scruff have become as ubiquitous on smartphones as Candy Crush.

With a diminished expectation of privacy and a normalization of the apps, many more guys feel comfortable putting their best face forward, retiring their headless torso. Many, but certainly not all.

One factor that might determine where most guys in the US post face pics is the ever-changing social acceptance LGBT people face in different cities. Or at least that’s what Scruff thought.

They mined their data to take a closer look at the statistic — Scrufftistic, if you will — and here’s what they found:

The Pacific Northwest leads the way, with the highest concentration of profiles with face pics found in Oregon and Washington, respectively.

U.S. States with Highest Face Pic Percentage 
1 Oregon 59.51%
2 Washington 58.59%
3 Colorado 58.06%
4 Vermont 56.34%
5 Minnesota 55.81%

U.S. States with Lowest Face Pic Percentage 
48 Arkansas 47.25%
49 Alabama 46.40%
50 Hawaii 45.92%
51 Mississippi 45.13%
52 Puerto Rico 39.79%

Here’s how it breaks down by area, with red indicating a lower percentage of face pics, and green being higher:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.20.20 AM

U.S. Cities with Highest Face Pic Percentage 
1 Portland, OR 61.41%
2 Arvada, CO 60.99%
3 Gresham, OR 60.91%
4 Everett, WA 60.70%
5 Seattle, WA 60.09%

U.S. Cities with Lowest Face Pic Percentage 
284 Jackson, MS 42.29%
285 McAllen, TX 41.09%
286 Waco, TX 40.64%
287 Brownsville, TX 38.30%
288 Laredo, TX 34.52%

For more information including interactive maps, head here.