Sean Hayes Defends His New Sitcom Against Critics Who Say It Isn’t Funny

"Will & Grace" 100th Episode CelebrationEven if I wasn’t on the show, it’d be the funniest sitcom, to me, on the air right now. I watch it and go, ‘Well, this is really f–king funny.’ I wouldn’t change anything right now, I think it’s all working…Will & Grace got those [mixed reviews]. Big Bang Theory got those. Friends got those. They all did. Seinfeld got horrible reviews… I think critics like to associate themselves with cool, hip things and multi-cams feel retro to them. To me, whatever’s funny is funny. So if they don’t think it’s funny, that’s one thing. But I think they get nervous because they want their name on something new and hip and cool, and a lot of times they associate that with single-cam shows because those are the du jour format. This format isn’t that so they get scared.”


Actor Sean Hayes speaking with The TV Page about mixed reviews and low ratings that greeted his new NBC sitcom Sean Saves The World

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  • Cam

    I’m sorry, this guy was such a nasty doughebag when he came out of the closet, basically giving a pass to bigots and attacking the gay community for not throwing rose petals at his feet for staying in the closet that I really have no desire to see anything he does.

  • Spike

    65% of new network TV shows are cancelled by the end of the season.

    Sean Saves The World will be one of them. Ok but not great and his character is Jack, I mean, Sean, I mean Jack.

  • yaoming

    Glad he’s happy with it. No one else is.

  • Pistolo

    I’ve never felt he was funny, I don’t go for that slapstick stuff.

  • sportsguy1983

    This show, along with The New Normal and Partners, is just not that funny.

  • UCLADave

    Im with Cam on this one … back in THE Will and Grace days …. he was an arrogant narcisstic full of himself asshole … Eric McCormack and Debra Messing were clients of mine … and both of them couldnt have been more genuinely nicer and friendly …. Sean was a douchy dick…. and a lot of gay guys back then hated him because of it …

  • Large Marge

    These are the worst jokes ever. It’s like the writers simply got together and tried to dump the most amount of rejected comedy sketch jokes together completely unrelated to the show and fill it was a laugh track to assure you they are funny.

    There is no wit nor charm to this show. May it burn in cancellation.

  • seaguy

    It’s fucking lame and needs to be cancelled ASAP.

  • Dixie Rect

    He’s not talented enough to carry an entire show. He’s a novelty character actor. He’s also quite annoying.

  • Deepdow

    He’s stuck in the 90s .. Duh.

  • the other Greg

    I saw it once – sue me, Robin Williams is annoying too! – and the show is based on an unbelievable premise. No, not that Sean would’ve fathered a child with a woman via hetero sex. (Although that’s a bit of a stretch.) The premise that Sean is some kind of marketing whiz who saved the online retailer he works for?

  • CaptainFabulous

    Well I didn’t think Will and Grace was all that funny. Or Friends. Or Seinfeld. Or Roseanne. Or any of the other sitcoms that were on the air for a decade. So I guess I wouldn’t find his show funny either.

  • stranded

    It’s not about what’s cool and edgy, it’s about the fact that the show is just NOT working. I can watch I love Lucy, Everybody Loves Raymond, and even Will and Grace; all episodic, multi-camera traditional 1/2 comedy sitcom and still laugh. I laughed maybe once from the first two episodes of Sean Saves the World. There’s nobody to counterbalance Sean’s zaniness, the mother isn’t gruff enough or sweet enough to be that likable, after the first episode, the daughter is an after thought. I thought the show was about a weekend dad suddenly dealing with full time fatherhood? The boss is too much of a caricature, his coworkers/friends bring nothing to the show. All of that can be tweeked and developed, but at the end of the day, there’s no spark, magic, chemistry that would want me to see these people for 30 minutes every week.

  • B Damion

    I’m sorry Sean but, it doesn’t seem as though the show must go on.
    Girl bye!

  • mz.sam

    Sean and the cast have no charisma and the writing is lame. RIP.

  • Alan down in Florida

    It just so happens I watched several episodes this morning and laughed my way through all 4 of them. Sean Hayes has smartly surrounded himself with a cast of pros including Linda Lavin, Megan Hilty and Thomas Lennon so he doesn’t have to carry the weight on his own shoulders. I think that the writers are doing a good job allowing his character to be gay without it being his defining quality.

    The time slot and network are killing this show. That and the name. Sean Saves The World sounds like it should be about a queer superhero, not a gay man with a daughter and both Mommy and Boss problems.

  • Polaro

    It has its moments, but is not great. They need to do some re-tooling quickly. I want it to succeed – which is never enough.

  • Volvoguy

    The cast hasn’t quite developed yet, I truly want to like
    the show , but it’s really hard to make the connection
    To like the show.
    Hope NBC will give a little time to get going and maybe
    find a real depth for the show.
    Good luck ,sean

  • Bumper

    @CaptainFabulous: You mean Captain Fickle. Guess your one of those highly intellectual people that only respects the finer arts. How ridiculously pompous of you.

  • Charli Girl

    I watched it the other day,it was okay. He cracked me up in WillnGrace,so the writers better get too work fast!!!!He can do it,if they can write it!!!! No rocket science here!!

  • CaptainFabulous

    @Bumper: I’m pompous because I don’t like stupid unfunny sitcoms? I Love Lucy, the Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore, and Maude all make me laugh. Hell, even the Big Bang Theory gets at least a few chuckles out of me each episode (and often some big laughs). But sorry, most of the sitcoms of today and the past 30 years are just stupid and not funny. And despite this somehow manage to find enough viewers to stay on the air far longer than they deserve, while the “good” shows never seem to make it longer than a year, if that. It only proves that Americans are a pretty stupid lot that enjoy stupid and crude television. I think the reality TV phenomenon proves this quite nicely.

    I’m sorry you have such low standards for your entertainment, but that’s not my fault or problem, and if enjoying genuinely smartly-written and witty television makes me pompous, I’ll take that over being a stupid moron who watches inane sitcoms and scripted reality shows.

  • MinnieCopas

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  • Cam

    @Alan down in Florida: said…

    “The time slot and network are killing this show.”

    Is that a joke? This show isn’t on on Saturday nights, the show is on Thursday during prime time.

  • terry1014

    How about a comedy where the lead gay character, partnered or otherwise, doesn’t want or need, or accidently get children to fulfill his or her self. I include in this “Modern Family” too. Enough of Lily, please. I have been partnered 15 years, and we have many, many coupled friends. None of us have ever wanted to have children. We never even discuss it. We all like children, but it’s not for any of us. I can count on three fingers the number of couples we know who do have children, and once those children came along, we never heard from them again, unless it’s getting a post on Facebook of their latest adorable pic of their little darling.
    “The New Normal” was just wretched, and mainly because of that little girl and her mother. I might have enjoyed a storyline that revolved around just the two guys and their day to day “adventures” or anything else. And, as for “Partners”, I have know idea what that shit was. But, once again, the gay character had to have a “straight best buddy” buffer area, much in the same way they use the children in those other shows. Did any of the creators of these shows watch Will & Grace? Here we had a show with two characters, one gay, one straight, each fleshed out to be able to operate independently of each other, if necessary. And, no children had to be brought in to take people’s minds off what gay people do in bed. it was a really funny ensemble piece about adults. What a concept. And Sean’s sorta best buddy/pal is a straight black man? In what universe? Even gay black men don’t have straight black men as friends. I know i’ll get some hate on that one.

  • DarkZephyr

    @terry1014: But some people like children and want children. What’s wrong with having a show that they can identify with? Its great that Will and Grace worked (I have never seen even one episode, and I was always annoyed by how promotional pictures and magazine covers always seemed to put Will and Grace into romantic poses with each other), but childless couples do not make up 100% of the LGBT community. I myself do not want children of my own, but I do love kids, I love my nieces and nephews and have no problem watching TV shows that have them on.

  • DarkZephyr

    @DarkZephyr: And by “them” I mean children in general and not specifically my nieces and nephews. My nieces and nephews are not TV stars. lol

  • oppressedman

    Watched several of the shows and didn’t like it at all. I thought it was boring and not funny at all.

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