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Sean Penn is getting dragged on Twitter after whining about men becoming “feminized”

Two-time Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has come under fire for comments about “feminized” men in a recent interview. Predictably, Twitter has thoughts.

Penn made the remarks while promoting the drama Flag Day in which he stars alongside his daughter, Dylan.

Speaking to The Independent, Penn said, “I think that men have, in my view, become quite feminized. I have these very strong women in my life who do not take masculinity as a sign of oppression toward them.”

The actor added, “There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.”

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The comments follow remarks Penn made earlier this month, which also criticized men becoming more feminine.

“I am in the club that believes that men in American culture have become wildly feminized,” Penn told UK outlet iNews. “I don’t think that being a brute or having insensitivity or disrespect for women is anything to do with masculinity, or ever did. But I don’t think that [in order] to be fair to women, we should become them.”

Penn, who won an Oscar for playing LGBTQ rights icon Harvey Milk, most recently appeared in Licorice Pizza, playing Golden Age Hollywood star William Holden.

Since his comments, Twitter had exploded with criticism for the actor…