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Two gay prisoners fall in love in postwar Germany in ‘Great Freedom’

Fans of gay romance and lovers who always seem to fall for the bad boy, take note: the trailer for the new queer romance Great Freedom has arrived.

Great Freedom follows the story of Hans (Franz Rogowski), a gay man living in postwar Germany. Though the allies liberated the country, that freedom didn’t extend to LGBTQ people, as gay sex remains prohibited by law. When he’s jailed for his sexuality, Hans meets Viktor (Georg Friedrich), a convicted murderer. Sparks fly between the two men as they maintain a clandestine relationship.

Great Freedom earned rave reviews when it debuted in Europe, and even picked up the Jury Prize (Un Certain Regard) at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The film plays in select theaters now, and arrives on Mubi May 6.

Have a look, get the Kleenex.

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