Selfie Campaign Shows How Absurd It Is To Force Trans People To Use The Wrong Bathroom

Who would have thought bathrooms would ever be such a hot button issue?

But some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around having to tinkle next to someone they perceive to be the opposite gender. Even if that person has spent a lifetime struggling to achieve their true, sincere gender identity.

This week we saw it play out at a Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan, when a woman flipped her shit over a transgender woman using the female locker room. The gym handled the situation like pros, but that didn’t stop Fox News from getting their feathers in a royal ruffle.

There is currently pending legislation in Florida, Texas and Canada designed to keep trans people from using their preferred bathroom, and the real problem (as per usual) comes down to people’s inexperience with the issue.

Inexperience –> misunderstanding –> fear –> anger. It’s not a cute look.

One trans rights activist, Brae Carnes, is trying to tackle that inexperience with a photo campaign aimed at showing the absurdity of forcing people into a certain bathroom.

“I wanted to show how, if this amendment and bill became law, how ridiculous it would be to have these women in the men’s washroom,” Carnes told CBC Victoria.

Take a look below:





h/t Mic