Sen. John McCain Insists There Are No Witch Hunts For Gay Soldiers. He Is Lying

Mike Almy. Victor Fehrenbach. Margaret Witt. Just a couple names of respected service members kicked out of the military after being forced out of the closet — not through their own choice, but because they were outed by jilted ex-lovers or involuntary discovery of their personal lives. But Sen. John McCain, speaking to reporters today after he succeeded in keeping Democrats from invoking cloture to force a vote on DADT’s repeal, keeps insisting “it is not the policy” of the military to actively hunt for gay soldiers and remove them. McCain, you see, “knows the military very well,” and he “doesn’t care what you say” because “I know what’s being done. … I know the military very well. They are not telling you the truth.” Senator McCain is either lying through his teeth, or the most misinformed self-professed expert on gays in the military.

Now I’m sure glad we didn’t elect this guy president — because the alternative has brought us so much closer.

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