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  • RichX

    January and March are the only two months worthy of a calendar. I’m not talking about the4 the guys, but the quality and composition of the photos. If these are the ones you chose to highlight, how crappy must the others have been.

    It may get better, but the sales of this calendar aren’t going to help.

  • RichX

    @myself: And THAT is why I should always choose to preview my comments.

  • Brock


    It’s a great idea, but most of the photos look like the guys’ online profile pictures.

  • Hephaestion

    The photos aren’t that great, but there are a lot of hot male librarians. Unfortunately, most can not pose for calendars without problems at work.

    As most people who read a lot know, Kindles & IPads are not threatening libraries. Public Library usage has been growing every year for the past 20 years. And you will see far more laptop users taking up all the seats in your library today than anything else.

  • declanto


  • RON

    Regarding this post and other similar posts: Just because there’s a photo of a naked man, does NOT mean he is necessarily hotor sexy. He’s just naked. Period. Why are we supposed to drool over every single naked or near naked man. Get a life!

  • Tigris

    I want to see Mr. Bookman naked.

  • Ron's a Prude

    @RON: “Speak for yourself.” You should make that your motto from now on.

    Why is it that every — “I’m so great and wise that everyone should be like me” — opinionated a-hole have to start off their critique with the word “we”?

    “Why are WE supposed to drool…why can’t WE think like ME…why can’t WE like the same things I like…why can’t WE blah…blah…blah (like ME)?

    …If you don’t like it, simply move on. Maybe other people with better taste like some stuff you don’t. That’s life, get over it.

  • Cam


    Oh god, you sound like a Womyns studies major from the 1970’s

    Oh my my my, we aren’t supposed to think anything is sexy blah blah blah.

    Relax. I for one think it was nice to see a picture of some guy who was not spray tanned and waxed up like some JErsey Shore wannabee.

  • xander

    @Ron’s a Prude : “We” agree and think you’re keen
    @Cam : You too. I see hotter guys at the library than at the gym. Plus you can be fairly sure your book-buddy will be able to converse once you’re through banging him senseless atop that pile of XVIII century literature you keep strewn by yr bed!

  • phallus

    Where’s Parker Posey in this article and pictures?

  • Cam


    He He He-LLO!

  • iREADray

    This is probably the best thing I have ever seen in my life! I love, love, love this! Not only is it a fun, impressive fundraising opportunity, but it goes to such an important cause. I think I will be highlighting this article, and this cause, on the iREADray blog because of how awesome it is. And as someone who has worked in a library for six years, and just recently bared all for a photoshoot, this takes guts! Way to go, and thanks again for focusing on such an important cause, I don’t know how many times I was bullied in high school.

  • MikeE

    I think the idea is nice, but honestly, the execution is lacking.
    It has nothing to do with the relative merits of the men (attractive or not).
    The photos are just very very ordinary.

  • Stace

    I loved Nightwood! Great book!

  • balehead

    It’s true..if you are remotely attractive worker at the library…you will always get into trouble from the other workers for everything they do more often…

  • TrekBear

    What’s up with photo #4? It won’t load, not even a frame for the image.

  • Aaron

    @MikeE: I have to agree. I was expecting more fun book or reading poses, and fewer shots of guys doing non-library related activities. For the next one, I’d suggest conveniently placed banned books and shots taken in, you know, an actual library.

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