Devilishly Clever

Is There A Shady Secret Message On TIME’s Donald Trump Cover?

donald-trump-is-the-devilBy now, you’ve seen the front cover of TIME‘s new issue; pored over Tweets from 19-year-olds who are furious Trump has been named “Person of the Year,” and skimmed Facebook posts from 29-year-olds reminding everyone Adolf Hitler shared the title back in 1933, and it’s not a “tremendous honor,” as Donald Trump seems to think it is.


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But did you happen to notice that there might be a shady secret message printed on the cover? As GQ points out, Trump’s head appears strategically placed under the “M” so that it looks like he’s Satan, The Horned One, Our Infernal Father of Pestilence:

Is everybody reading too much into this, or is TIME’s art department trying their hand at being sly? Hard to say, but if we were Satan’s, we’d be really pissed right now.