Out and Not-So-Proud

Shame on You, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, for Missing Gay Pride to Be with Your Family

Pride is an event that draws the world to the city, that draws the city together, that loudly affirms a statement about human rights. If you attend Pride, you’ll be holding the city’s flag at an event that’s near its heart. If you flip Pride the finger by skipping it, anti-gay baggage in tow, you’re doing so on behalf of your constituents. Sucks on a long weekend, I know, but that’s the thing about representative democracy: You end up representing.

You chose to run for mayor of a city that throws a giant international festival in celebration of queer life. Toronto comes with Pride. You can’t ignore it now. The cottage will be there next weekend.

— Ivor Tossell, in an open letter in the Toronto Standard urging Mayor Rob Ford to reconsider his “long-standing” plans to go to a cottage vacation with his family this weekend, thus missing the city’s Pride march.

Will you be at pride this year? If so, record it for the whole world to see