Out and Not-So-Proud

Shame on You, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, for Missing Gay Pride to Be with Your Family

Pride is an event that draws the world to the city, that draws the city together, that loudly affirms a statement about human rights. If you attend Pride, you’ll be holding the city’s flag at an event that’s near its heart. If you flip Pride the finger by skipping it, anti-gay baggage in tow, you’re doing so on behalf of your constituents. Sucks on a long weekend, I know, but that’s the thing about representative democracy: You end up representing.

You chose to run for mayor of a city that throws a giant international festival in celebration of queer life. Toronto comes with Pride. You can’t ignore it now. The cottage will be there next weekend.

— Ivor Tossell, in an open letter in the Toronto Standard urging Mayor Rob Ford to reconsider his “long-standing” plans to go to a cottage vacation with his family this weekend, thus missing the city’s Pride march.

Will you be at pride this year? If so, record it for the whole world to see


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  • missanthrope

    Rob Ford is alcoholic, wife-beating homophobe. I’m surprised people expected him to show up in the first place.

  • Flipper

    As a gay Torontonian, I’m glad the guy’s not coming; he’s no friend of the queer community and his presence at the parade would be complete hypocrisy. Show your colours, Rob! What is the colour for a homophobe?

  • hyhybt

    If he’s as bad as he sounds, why would you want him there?

    I cannot, though, fault anyone for preferring to take a weekend with family rather than attend a parade. Not even a politician. Now, *some* might bring the family *to* the parade…

  • Josh

    We’ve gotten so used to media whore politicians that we’ve forgotten that GOING TO THESE EVENTS IS NOT THEIR JOB. Yes, there’s a certain amount of public visibility expected of elected officials, but that’s all gravy. If he wants to skip out on this large, but unofficial event to be with his family, then that’s 100% his right.

    I agree with hyhybt too…if he’s such a jerk, then why do you care if he doesn’t show up?

  • Ruhlmann

    Who cares…fuckem. Why would we want someone there that obviously does not want to be there? Fuckem! Hope it rains in Muskoka.

  • Jason

    @Josh: Because he’s the Mayor of a very gay-friendly city, because prior Mayors have shown up, and because he’d never use the cottaging with my family excuse if this were a parade of baby seal bashers, or Reagan-luvin Canucks.

  • missanthrope


    For once I find myself agreeing with Jason. If this were Remembrance Day (Veterans Day to all of you Americans), Ford would drop his “family tradition” of going to a lake cabin in a flash.

  • Hue-Man

    What is striking is that a politician is getting heat for NOT being pro-gay or gay supportive. I don’t care if Ford attends or not – is there a way to keep him permanently in cttage country? The media fuss is important for Ford to take the heat for being a homophobe but also as a message to Harper not to mess with LGBT rights.

  • GTA Gay

    To be fair the previous Mayor of Toronto David Miller had close advisers who are members of the queer community so I think that would have been a big push for him to go. Where as Rob Ford is a total idiot. When the Toronto Star asked him if he was a homophobe he mumbled and did not provide a straight answer. I agree that it is odd for the Mayor not to be there but if he is a homophobe it would be an empty gesture anyways.

  • den

    You couldn’t pay me to go to a gay pride parade. More power to those who enjoy them but I wouldn’t mind if I never saw another drag queen. And that’s no offense to drag queens either – just not my thing. Hope everyone has a great time.

  • ron

    Pride parades are boring.

  • JoeyO'H

    Toronto Pride is AHMAZING! I’ve never seen so many people out on the streets for a Pride Parade and never had I had so much fun than in Toronto.

    Nothing boring about it!

  • ousslander

    I’ll be holding Yonkers Pride BBQ in my backyard.

  • Joe

    So what if he’d rather spend the weekend with his family. That’s his right, politician or not. You can’t force your beliefs on others, rather you elect them or not.

  • Joe

    @Joe: sorry – ……..whether you elect them or not…….

  • SuperCat

    Doesn’t pride run for like 10 days in Toronto? He’s spending time with his family in a cottage for like 3 days.

    So he misses the march, but there are lots of events for him to attend the other 7 days, but he hasn’t committed to anything.

    It’s obvious he is avoiding it because he is uncomfortable. I’m sure he will probably make up more excuses to avoid the whole thing.

  • Aldo

    Good for the mayor.

  • Cido

    When asked what he was doing for pride weekend a month ago, he told reporters he wasnt sure of his schedule yet. now all of a sudden he has an “annual family tradition” that he had no idea existed a month ago. Our moronic mayor proves his stupidy on a daily basis.

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