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  • ggreen

    As said in previous post:
    Michelle gets a pass on the uninspired “Here’s Lucy” upholstery coat-dress she wore to the inaugural. However, the Big Bird Chicken dress she wore to the ball last night was hideous.

  • gerry

    I must have missed that day in Gay School. What the problem with wearing white at night in January?

  • RichardR

    With shoulders and arms as good-looking as Mrs. Obama’s, the dress was perfect. A bad choice in terms of maneuverability, though — she had to pick it up just to walk, let alone climb stairs and dance. And I couldn’t quite read the sort of clumpy detailing.

    By contrast, the day outfit moved beautifully, particularly during the parade walks, and the color combo, yellow with pistachio accessories, was, sorry, GGreen, inspired. The outfit would have been perfect had it not included the glittery stuff at the neckline — fine for late day or evening, not so much for noon.

    Best fashion detail of the day? Aretha Franklin’s hat. Wowsa.

    Next best: Sasha’s gloves, especially when she held up her hands to peer back at binoculars in the audience. She’s gonna be so much fun.

    O for Bill Blass. O for Walt Whitman. O for Leonard Bernstein.

    I know, I know, it’s a new day. And what a glorious day it was.

  • Leland Frances

    What she wore yesterday was beautiful….if it were April and she were going to Easter Sunrise Services. And, no one, dahlings, simply no one wears rhinestones outdoors at NOON no matter WHAT time of year it is.

    The ballgown probably looked stunning in person, save for the shoulder strap so wide it looked like a sling to support a broken arm. But on television and in virtually every still photo except the one above it looked tacky, literally “ragged.”

    She IS a beautiful woman [and the daughters are going to be even more ravishing as adults], but she needs a strong stylist not afraid to tell her the truth and FAST.

    Jackie O’s fashion crown is safe for now. Update the big hairstyles, remove the hair jewelry, lose the long gloves and minimize the use of capes, and virtually everything she wore as First Lady, particularly the evening clothes, could be worn today, 46 years later!

    She learned very early the Number One Rule, and almost never broke it [which Michelle did twice yesterday]: avoid patterns and decoration unless you’re SURE it photographs well. See for yourselves:×315.jpg

    I think Mrs. Obama will learn, and, more importantly, be a great ACTIVE First Lady, but as the subject was fashion, she had two strikes in one day. Not as bad as Hillary’s early mistakes or, eeeww, Laura’s but….

  • Jim

    Loved the day ensemble–very different and unexpected, kinda delightful in an in-your-face way, and I didn’t mind the neckline embellishment at all. But that ballgown…um, she had many to choose from and didn’t make her decision til the last minute, they reported, that THIS is what she chose? Blech. That was one unfortunate choice, and the huzzas over the designer, well, if this is any example of his/her best, once again the american public is falling for a sham. For a ballgown it didn’t move well at ALL, looked like wet seaweed, and it was embarrassing to see her have to throw the train out of the way every time they “danced.” It just kinda looked like she decided to forego the intended crinoline at the last minute. Sorry, old costume designers are opinionated.

    And what was with the Prez’ tux? He looked good, but if ever there was a man born to wear tails, it’s Obama!

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