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SHOCK: Dustin Lance Black Sex Tape Leaks


The Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter is about to be known more famously for another film: his own sex tape. Photos and videos are making the web rounds showing Black and an as-yet-unidentified partner (presumably, the tape’s leaker, though that’s not certain) engaged in condom-less bedroom activities typical of two gay guys.

The tape is being shopped around by agency Starzlife; timestamps show it was recorded in November 2006, well before he was a household name. There are NSFW versions on this website.

Lance is next scheduled to appear in Los Angeles tomorrow at the LifeWorks fundraising’s gala, then June 28 in New York City for the Gay Pride Parade, where he’s a grand marshal, followed the next day by the Trevor Project’s annual NYC fundraising gala. We’d be surprised if he canceled either of those appearances, since they are for gay organizations and, well, gay people are not afraid of other people having gay sex. The condom thing might get him some flack, but maybe this was a committed monogamous relationship?

In the end, this won’t doom his career, which is going pretty well of late. He’s still writing for Big Love, and his team-up with Gus Van Sant for The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test will further cement Black as a young prodigy.

And also: Lance is hot! Seeing him have sex (with another good looking guy) is not something we can even pretend to make judgments about. In fact: more, please!

UPDATE: Lance responds.

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  • CaptainObvious

    Oh my cher, that is going to an akward parade.

    Also, i can haz link to t3h pr0n?

  • scott ny'er

    well, that’s showing your pride in a big way!!!

    yay for Dustin Lance. I’ll have a whole new perspective of him at the parade this year.

  • CaptainObvious

    Addition, my friend just said this an I thought it was funny. “Milk. Milk. Lemonade. Around the corner fudge is made.”

    It makes more sense if you read this on perez hilton. His pics are MUCH more explicit. Not very classy, but tres hot.

  • Bitch, please!

    Eventually all of us will have our sex tapes out, and we will check that to decide on sexual competency. Seriously, why do people keep making sex tapes when they know it might get “leaked”? Unless, of course, that is what they want to promote themselves!

  • Brendan

    Why isn’t there a condom?

  • Aaron Akins

    This makes me a bit sad. He had the potential to be a solid, clear voice for the LGBT community, but this tape is going to make that SO much more difficult.

    At the same time, and less objectively, I gotta agree with CaptainObvious – tres hot.

  • Protection

    Is the guy he’s with his longterm partner? If not, where’s the condom?

  • RobinNYC

    Bitch needs to own it. Use it as a teaching moment (‘This is how NOT to do it…slip a condom on, boys.’) And, frankly, bask in the glow of all the boys (or…well…me) who think this is exceedingly hot.

  • CaptainObvious

    Lol, That is really what I , and i’m sure many others, want to know: Where be t3h condom? @_@

    I really do hope this is his longterm partner, as @Protection suggested.

  • galefan2004

    @Aaron Akins: You remind me of the QAF storyline where Brian hated the organizers of the gay rights movement because they just couldn’t understand that gay guys like to get it on. The fact that he likes to have sex doesn’t influence the kind of role model for the community he is.

  • Thom Freeheart

    Now we know why his middle name is Lance.

  • scott ny'er

    can’t tell. Is he a bottom or top? I think he’s the bottom.

    you know, the really important question here.

  • steve

    without a condom? dude. thats not cool dustin.

  • fifi

    Well there goes his gay role model STATUS especially if that’s not his long term BF that he often talks about. Bill Oreilly is going to love this discussion

  • SteamPunk

    @Protection: That’s exactly what I was thinking: Where the hell is the condom?!

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    With a condom, without a condom. It is there choice and I stand with their decision. As long as no one was holding the other against their will I do not see the problem. People need to mind their own business. Have you noticed how many videos no longer use condoms lately? A lot. Bareback porn is more popular than silly, skinny little twink porn.

  • galefan2004

    Let Bill O’Reilly be his normal douche bag self towards the kid. I can’t wait to see John Stewart get involved. No one really gives a rats ass what O’Reilly has to say anyways except the close minded asshats that don’t like this kid not because he had sex on film but that he dared to “practice” his homosexual “lifestyle”. I really hope that this doesn’t impact his viability as a gay role model because it shouldn’t matter. Having sex bare back probably wasn’t the best idea, but lets hope this was someone he felt safe doing it bare back with.

  • galefan2004

    @Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell:

    Yes, but those videos are shot (if in this country) by stars that get tested weekly for STIs and monthly for HIV. They are by all encompassed purposes extremely safe. I think it is up to the individual rather they wear the condom or not, but I don’t think they should go for the sympathy card when the stupidity of having bare back sex with casual partners gets them something they don’t want.

  • TANK

    My hopes and aspirations dashed by this irresponsible act! WOE UNTO ME and all others who looked upon “the dustin lance black” as our savior. WHere’s your messiah now?!

  • Franco

    Why do people feel the need to videotape themselves having sex? How do they get themselves into relationships with people with such low morals as to leak such a thing? This is just depressing.

  • Matt

    Bareback? What a douche bag. Bareback and he’s gonna go around lecturing people about how they have no respect for gay people and he has no respect for himself? He’s seriously gonna try and hold himself above the rest when he’s a asshat making poor decisions?

    Fuck him. Jesus Christ, what a twit.

  • edgyguy1426

    I dunno what all the fuss is about. It’s not as if he’s in front of the camera the rest of the time…

  • TANK

    Jesus Christ, what a twit.


    And if people don’t videotape themselves having sex, then those jobs will just go to illegal immigrants and lou dobbs will get all cranky and annoying about it.

  • Lucky Luke


    I think lots of bareback videos are by by a full HIV+ cast. Didn’t one of the producers of one of the bb companies say something like “HIV negative is the new virgin”. I read it in this site a long time ago.

  • BrianZ

    Stupidity in form and deed, completely without class. Way to go, Paris.

  • Windyloo

    The video taping I agree is stupid but I will give him a wait and see on the no condom until I know who he is with here and what their relationship was. Though many may not want to admit it most of us have at minimum occasional unprotected sex with people we have been with for a while. And no one can know what kind of person somone we have been with will eventually turn out to be. Maybe this is a man he loved and trusted who resents his current standing? Or agrees with some people here who apparently think he needs to be taken down a peg or two?

  • Bertie

    at least an Oscar statuette wasn’t involved.

    he is very photogenic, no?

  • Rob Moore

    Must everyone judge? If it is his husband, it’s their joint decision. If it isn’t his husband, it is still none of our goddamn business.

  • Gore Vidal JR

    Anyone upset reminds me of those upset over Letterman telling a bad joke. So what!

    Unfortunately in today’s world, the digitized landscape of socialness, everything is everywhere…

    He had dotcomsex…big deal.

    Letterman told a bad joke!

    God why is everyone so sensitive!

  • M Shane

    The more that fraud can be tied up getting fucked the less often he will rewrite Gay History:

    Only the most insidious political machine would have him as head of a herd of pigs.
    Anyone who was around during Milk knows that the story was no more than a Propaganda peice for the marriage right wing.
    Milk had nothing to do with any reality of the time. The film is the saddest distortion of our history in existence. It would have been more accurate to show Black fisting Milk.

  • galefan2004

    @M Shane: Don’t hold back dude, tell us how you really feel. The truth is, and this might come as a shocker, no one gives a rats ass about historical accuracy (except maybe people that study history for a living). Milk seems to be much more of a movie than a documentary, and like any good movie “based on a true story” it is more inaccurate than realistic.

  • stevenelliot

    You guyz who are bitching about them not using protection, how do you know that Lance inst poz?? These guys may be in a long term thing and theyve been tested as neg, or theyre both poz. Either way whats up with the condom police on here??

    If they wanna bareback its their prob not any of our concern.

    Youre throwing the same stones as the religious right. Stay out of their bedroom and mind your own affairs. Lance isnt running around promoting safe sex like that knocked up Palin girl is talking abstinence.

    Jeeze. uptight queens. as long as those two consent to screw each other unprotected its between them, not any of us.

    Besides the pics were totally hot. I love Dustin Lance he’s so cute. Looks like he’s a bottom too :~}

  • michael

    Maybe the secret to getting rich and famous is making a sex tape which has something about it that could ruin your credibility like being unsafe. lol! I don’t have any problem with it myself but I do think, unless they were long time partners, that the bareback aspect is unfortunate. We have lots of impressionable youth who we are trying to keep healthy and stuff like this fucks with that, you know, if Lance is okay doing it I will be too. But I am sure he never thought it would become a problem for him when he did it.

    I went home with two really hot guys one night about 10 yrs ago they were a couple and one of them snapped dozens of photos while the other was fucking me. We were using condoms but I have always regretted it. Now I speak in public and do radio shows, have interviews for gay rights on a local level, but I am always afraid if for some reason my voice became more national that would come back to haunt me. You never know what life has in store.

  • galefan2004

    @stevenelliot: While I agree with you that it is their business rather they use condoms or not, they kind of lost the argument to keep us out of their bedroom when they video taped their sex life and leaked it to the media. Also, Palin lost the right to complain when comments are made about her children when she tried to exploit them to gain politically and it ended up backfiring because no woman could see themselves voting for a woman who couldn’t keep from having child after child (granted Tod Palin is an extremely hot man).

  • homofied

    Dustin Lance Bottom is c-a-y-u-t-e !

  • gfcnyc

    Well these photos are really enlightening for me in one way: I have two close acquaintances (wouldn’t go so far as to call them “friends”) out in LA who are VERY well connected and who have hung out with DLB among others in various hot tubs up in the hills and they reported that (i) he’s a bottom and (ii) he had a tiny dick. So (i) is confirmed and (ii) is not (granted his cock’s not a monster, but my pals must be demanding size queens). So at least DLB can take comfort that he looks good naked and that these pics dispel a salacious “tiny dick” rumour that’s been following him around hollywood for the last few years.

    Oh, and also, WTF bareback and WTF his partner looks like his own twin. Neither of those things are sexy.

  • galefan2004

    @gfcnyc: I disagree. Apparently, bare back is very sexy to some people (myself included) or their wouldn’t be a major demand for it in the porno business.

  • James

    He is tiny. Barebacking? That is so Andrew Sullivan.

    Did he scream out, “we all deserve the right to get infected by not using condoms”?

  • Steve

    I blame Miss California.

    Now this loser crying about his Oscar was just thrilled to have something solid to sink his ass on. Tears of joy for a power bottom.

    Do we know if the guy with him is Anderson Cooper?

  • Bitch, please!

    @ Steve: From what I heard, Cooper is a bottom too. But who knows? I was never in his bedroom while he was having sex. Unless one of his paramours leak out a tape as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it is from my lips to one of his trick’s ears.

  • Vada

    O hot. Hot hot hot.

  • Aaron

    This hasn’t diminished my opinion of him in anyway. We all have sex. A lot of us have taped ourselves having sex with others or with ourselves. Of course you should always practice safe sex, but I don’t know the context of this assignation so I’m not going to judge him or speculate on that.

    The only thing I find morally reprehensible is the reposting of something from Perez Hitlton’s garbage website. Just because these photos were leaked doesn’t mean they should be continuously reposted across the internet. I don’t read Hilton’s website so I probably wouldn’t have known about this had it not been reposted here.

    Big deal. They had sex and took pictures of it. He’s human, so shocking.

  • dvlaries

    While I would have looked alright in my 20s prime doing this, I’m glad the means weren’t yet so easily available for me to play the same bad judgment of when to roll a camera. The scandal is about a half-day old now, so Black and his playmate’s parents probably know and may have even seen this. Imagine the evening they’re having…

  • Stan

    I dunno, yes, it’s his business but just to videotape yourself having bareback sex just seems so “low class”.

    but then Britney has lots of money too….

  • stevenelliot

    why are we as gays holding ourselves to a higher moral standard than straights?? Why would we care?

    Paris Hilton had a sex tape, Colin Ferrel had one, Rob Lowe had one. Did any of these people get scolded as to whether they practised safe sex??

    Why do we hold ourselves to this higher standard?? Gays practise unsafe sex all the friggin time. You should only worry as to whether you are using safe sex methods and thats that.

    I dont believe for a minute this arguement: “well Im 20 and Dustin Lance did it bareback, so I’m going to do it too” We may as well be arguing about pics of those narly Olsen twins chain smoking outside of Spago….

    I’d be more concerned as to Dutin’s taste in men. Id be pissed at a guy who would get $ for selling a private porn to the press.

  • Rich

    @ galefan2004 …

    U made the point that porn stars r always tested n extremely safe….now u r living behind rose colored glasses…Treasure Island Media main star Dawson has been positive for years…he does nothing but bareback as with alot of the stars of that movie studio…Alots of POZ in porn…dont be fooled

  • jason

    Why on earth does he have to use a condom? If they’re both healthy, condoms are pointless.

  • alan brickman


  • Mike

    Isn’t there any sense of irony on the part of Queerty (Japhy Grant) that he posts this “news” item without hesitation but went apeshit crazy when Kenneth in the 212 posted the info about Thomas Roberts having nudes on his ManHunt ad?

    For what it’s worth, Ladies. Don’t be shocked and upset when Adam Lambert’s bareback videos surface. We’re a community that hates itself, we want to die.

  • AlwaysGay

    SEX IS GREAT! He recorded sex, so what. Whoever released it is responsible.

  • GJR

    I find this repulsive and shocking. But I will have to watch it 10 or 20 more times to be absolutely sure…

  • andy

    I kind of feel sorry for him. He probably didn’t mean for these pictures to be released. He should be more careful next time he picks his partner.

  • Michael W.

    @Mike: He doesn’t work here anymore.

    @AlwaysGay: No, Dustin Lance Black is responsible because he consented to the recording in the first place. He put himself in this position.

  • Dabq

    That is just so sad and tawdry, he can do what he wants in private, but, for crying out loud why film it or take pictures? And, sorry, since neither is “hot” as so many here seem to feel, they should just show the package and not the faces.

    And I hope he does cancel the Trevor Project function, it would be as tasteless as those pictures.

    When will the glbt community get a spokesman?? So many had put this guy on a pedestal and now this, sheesh.

  • Ryan

    Well, bummer, here I thought he’d be a perfect voice for our community. Now, I guess we’ll just have to settle for a supremely talented, completely right (and totally hot) voice for the community. Plus, there’s certainly one thing you can’t take away from him… dude’s got balls.

    (Okay, sorry for the lame pun… LOL).

  • Ryan


    Oh, please. He’s still a spokesman for our community. This story’s dead in a few days. When it comes to bad press, you’re only one Britney Spears Rehab story away from coming out on top. He just has to lay low for a day or two and this goes away… or maybe he could take this as a ‘teaching opportunity’ and own it… he’s got a dick and, guess what, he uses it! Big fucking deal. (Pun not intended!)

  • TrulyGay.com

    Please, so it’s another celebrity sex tape! Big Deal! It does not affect me or anyone here in any way shape or form. This will dry up and go away in a week or two and then we can go back to talking about Britney or maybe Adam Lambert.

    As far as condoms are concerned I really don’t think he intended for this video to be released, let alone become a lead in for his safe sex advocacy. Please, so it’s another celebrity sex tape! Big Deal! It does not affect me or anyone here in any way shape or form. This will dry up and go away in a week or two and then we can go back to talking about Britney or maybe Adam Lambert.

    As far as condoms are concerned I really don’t think he intended for this video to be released, let alone become a lead in for his safe sex advocacy.

    Truly Gay

  • Nickadoo

    Not surprised. One of his first movies is essentially little more than a soft-core porn “reality” show/documentary about Burning Man (with Charlie, the hottie bartender from Motherlode).

  • TANK

    here we go again. bareback vs. safe sex debate with those calling the people who like it unsafe bug chasing loons and the other overly cautious control freaks. I betcha a lot of older people are commenting on the safe sex spectrum…ya know, people who’ve lost entire groups of friends to aids. Just keep your aids away from me and we’ll be all set. Safe is better than a way higher chance of aids. blah blah blah, special circumstances monogamy and…gag…liquid bonding (that is a repulsive, disgusting term and anyone who uses it has no appreciation for the english language) whatever: keep your aids to yourself!

  • TANK

    excuse me, I meant “fluid bonding”–absolutely disgusting terminology.

  • jason

    Millions of people have taped their sexual encounters. There are millions of married couples around the world who have done this. So let’s not pretend that this is something new or shocking.

    As for condoms, if both partners are healthy, you don’t need to wear them. Bareback is fine just as it is with heterosexual couples. However, if you’re out in the streets picking up total strangers, it’s better that you wear them.

    Those who say that bareback is always bad are either stupid or projecting their own promiscuity onto perfectly healthy gay couples.

  • John Santos

    @Michael W.:

    He doesn’t work here anymore.

    If Japhy Grant doesn’t live here anymore, then who’s writing all these posts?

    As far as DLB–I have no idea why anyone would put their sex on film. Unless you’re a porn star, it seems absurd. Even then. And the douchebag who released these private moments to the public needs to be shunned like the pariah that he clearly is.

  • TANK


    While that’s true, it’s also true that in the U.S., hiv/aids is primarily a men who have sex with men disease. Ideals are great, but in light of the odds, I wouldn’t insure your ass if you were having unprotected sex even in a “monogamous” gay relationship…unicorns and rainbow bright…

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    @John Santos: Reading these knuckleheaded comments I can see many of you are young and do not remember the days when people just got down right nasty with sex and had a damn good time doing it, without a condom and in public.

    Lord O lord do I have loving memories of the piers, the Mine Shaft and Anvil bars and the sex that used to go on in them in plain view. I wake up many a morning cursing that conservative movement that began in 1980 and three years later we had a full blown “gay” disease upon us.

    Say what you want people are free to use condoms or get checked out together with their partner so they can go for it. I sure miss the old days and have no shame about admitting I love bareback porn. Not everyone has AIDS believe it or not.

  • TANK

    @Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell:

    Perfect example of another who’s a part of the problem. You want the reality of bareback porn? bareback porn is performed by people very desperate for money (generally) who are exploited to engage in risky behavior that does, now and then, inveitably produce positive people. You fuel the demand for people to engage in this risky behavior, and many companies that exclusively produce bareback porn aren’t omniscient… Too that, gaping assholes like you say things like, “they knew what they were getting into. You takes your chances.” And to you, I say fuck yourself.

  • jason


    There is no such thing as “odds” when it comes to HIV and AIDS. HIV and AIDS don’t strike at random. They strike those who engage in unfettered promsicuous sex with other infected individuals. It’s the same with herpes, syphilis and all the other venereal diseases.

    No disease has the power to discriminate on the basis of sexual feelings or sexual orientation. However, they do discriminate on the basis of behavior.

    Being gay does not mean you’ll get HIV any more than being straight. Stop demonizing the gay or bisexual male orientation.

  • TANK


    I guess the laws of probability which are used to determine risk assessments are somehow suspended when it’s hiv/aids. Of course there’s a probability, contingent upon region and number of sexual partners, attributed to MSM who engage in unprotected sex. Look up bayesian probability…this is fatuous nonsense.

  • JM

    It’s all speculation as to why he’s having unprotected sex. Feel free to judge as soon as you have more information, but for all we know, this could have been sex in a monogamous relationship.

    In all honesty, Dustin’s perfect-seeming life used to annoy me, and this makes him more real to me. I’d be annoyed if he leaked this tape himself to come off as more edgy, but who really knows, or cares for that matter?

    Congratulations to whomever leaked the tape—you shocked us and got our attention. But now what? Good luck getting people to buy a sex tape during this recession.

    Seriously, what was the point? Scandals without a purpose are simply too high school for any us to bother with.

  • TANK

    They strike those who engage in unfettered promsicuous sex with other infected individuals.

    And this…is bullshit. All it takes is one time…you don’t have to be promiscuous to get aids.

  • Scott

    Someone must know who the other guy (and likely leaker) is.

  • HX

    Lance is a Hippo-critic piece of shit. He is out for himself and not giving a crap about the gay community. He backs out of interviews with gay pubs just for his straight magazine. He really sucks and the community should be made aware.

  • Aaron Khan

    I don’t know what you are talking about. I was just talking with Dustin @ the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival during the Tiki Gala party last month and he was very kind, energetic, and was very respectful towards me. I also got to have a chat with him at Hula’s (a popular gay bar in Waikiki). He was very nice to everyone who chatted and took pictures with him. His boyfriend was there with him who is also a sweet-heart <3 <3 <3. The guy in the sex scandal photos above I believe is a “former” boyfriend. His boyfriend now is beautiful and a great catch.

    So lay…the fuck…off!

  • dlpca

    I think what one does in his bedroom, with whoever he chooses, even if it is recorded is no one’s business but his own. The only exception is if one decides to sell images or recordings. C’mon, this is why we have no respect from straights, we forget that we have no civil rights and contribute to stripping “our own” of said rights at first report. Let’s not forget, no matter how much we try to adopt their judgment of us they have not yet accepted us, we cannot marry our own, we cannot hold professional positions and we cannot live in their neighborhoods without harassment or scrutiny. I say since Mr. Lance is over 21 his choices are his own, right or wrong. Perhaps one day we will be left alone to tend to our own, with equal civility and legal protection under the law.

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    @TANK: How many gallons does it take for you to get clean?

  • tofer david

    doesnt look like they are using much lube either…

  • galefan2004

    @Mike: Speak for yourself dude. I definitely don’t hate myself, and I definitely don’t want to die. My friends definitely don’t hate themselves and they don’t want to die either. Actually, truth be told if I was ever with (or even friends with) someone that hated themselves and wanted to die so they did illegal drugs or put themselves are risk sexually it would be a total turn off, but I’m not friends with this dude, so I have no right to judge his activities.

  • Michael W.

    @John Santos: I don’t know who writes what. The site seems to thrive on anonymity.

    I do know that it’s not Japhy Grant.

  • jason


    All it takes is one? HIV is actually a difficult virus to catch. It’s not like the flu virus. In any case, the same applies to heterosexuals.

    The bottom line is that you should only have all-out sex with a person who is healthy if you want to be completely sure that avoiding a condom is OK.

    That’s why I encourage monogamy and health in gay people. I strongly discourage promiscuous sex with total strangers in saunas and sex clubs run by greedy gay entrepreneurs. These gay entrepreneurs are harming our community by encouraging a culture of promiscuity.

    The sleazy sub-culture within the gay community needs to understand that most of us gays are not like them. We do not approve of their grubby antics and we do not like being grouped together with them.

    Non-sleazy gay guys shouldn’t need to wear condoms any more than non-sleazy straight guys.

  • C-Shot

    All of the pictures are pre-cum, er – pre-MILK

  • kademonster

    omg everyone judges before they know facts. if he had been with this boy long term and they made a decision to stop using condoms, like MANY MANY MANY gay and straight couples alike do, then whats the big fucking deal? just bask in the glory of such hotness and wait til we know facts.

  • kademonster

    @jason: thankyou, btw. i agree. not all of us are so promiscuous that we have to constantly worry about what we will catch. some of us know our history and actually take the time to get to know the history of our partner before jumping into bed with them.

  • TANK


    All it takes is one? HIV is actually a difficult virus to catch. It’s not like the flu virus. In any case, the same applies to heterosexuals.

    Hey, all it takes is sex with one person who has hiv/aids to conctract it. ONe doesn’t have to be promiscuous to get aids. Countless positive people aren’t.

    The bottom line is that you should only have all-out sex with a person who is healthy if you want to be completely sure that avoiding a condom is OK.

    And the bottom line is that no child should be left behind. Are you seriously this delusional? Of course that’s the perfect scenario….but to be completely sure…lots of positive people were completely sure the night they seroconverted. I think it’s irresponsible of you to be, basically, endorsing unsafe sex while not giving any real consideration to the pitfalls. Irresponsible? No, I think it’s fucking retarded, actually.

    That’s why I encourage monogamy and health in gay people.

    Yeah, sure…monogamy…so you encourage monogamy so people can bareback? That’s a losing game, btw…

    I strongly discourage promiscuous sex with total strangers in saunas and sex clubs run by greedy gay entrepreneurs.

    That’s your hangup.

    These gay entrepreneurs are harming our community by encouraging a culture of promiscuity.

    ANd promiscuity is bad why? ANd don’t you dare say it spreads hiv/aids after your bareback is a-okay bullshit.

    The sleazy sub-culture within the gay community needs to understand that most of us gays are not like them. We do not approve of their grubby antics and we do not like being grouped together with them.

    ? LMAO! You sound like a christer.

    Non-sleazy gay guys shouldn’t need to wear condoms any more than non-sleazy straight guys.

    I know a lot of non sleazy gay guys who are hiv positive…and they’d agree with a lot of what you wrote about monogamy. Fact is, sleazy isn’t a good indicator.

  • TANK


    K thnx bai!

  • Norman

    Here’s what I know:

    1. “Milk” was fantastic, and his Oscar speech was brilliant.
    2. Dustin Lance Black is an adult.
    3. Adults, both gay and straight, have sex.
    4. Sex isn’t dirty or bad. It’s natural and good and fun.
    5. Adults, both gay and straight, make difficult and private decisions about their sex lives. Even if it’s on tape, it’s none of my business.

    Also, dude is kind of hot.

  • Toby

    I have never found him to be physically attractive, but I did respect him for his brain. Not anymore. Stupid on two levels…to have a sex tape and to not use condoms. For a 30 something year old man he should know better. He isn’t a kid. Another role model goes down the tubes. Sad.

  • The Gay Numbers

    a) Was he in a relationship with this person? If so, I don’t understand the condom issue.

    b) Relatedly, you did things in a relationship that you foolishly believe the other person will not use against you. I don’t think he was stupid if that’s the case.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Re Trust

    It’s very funny that people are calling him stupid by the way just because he video taped himself having sex. I suppose the issue comes down to do you trust anyone? if you don’t then yes- everything that requires trust is per se stupid. If you do trust someone, then not everything is per se stupid, and like me you would want to know more than seeing the photo

    Re Look a like

    It is weird that so many gay men are attracted to guys who look just like them. I tend to be attracted to guys who do not look like me so I find it odd.

    Re Role Model

    His having sex does not change the meaning or value of his words. They remain as true now as when he said them. if all it took was for you to see a gay man having to sex to think his words on being gay is not as true- then you did not much support your own equality.

    Re Sexually

    I think he’s cute. Not hot. He’s a twink, and that’s a dime a dozen, but the combo of being cute and smart is a turn on.

  • Rikard

    I just got out of the “committed relationship”. We did some bareback (after getting tested together) and some home video. His last message to me threatened to make our videos public to embarass me. I guess they would gross out my family and straight friends, but I’m not the one they would scorn. Having a few minutes of you getting it on is nothing to be ashamed of and being the bigger man, a memento I gladly leave my ex.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Rikard: That’s my thinking too. Whoever this person is letting out the video is the one who is a jerk here. The idea that you can not do anything in your private life that you may enjoy just because the person you are with will eventually use that against you is a fucked up standard.

  • Daniel

    He looks like a guy who barely escaped coming out as a Down Syndrome kid. MILK wasn’t even that great of a movie. And now that he’s officially a dirty whore, I can say he does NOT represent me as a gay man. Now, I’m just waiting for all the gay powers that be to put him in a top spot (ha! no pun intended) to continue to lose our fight in places like California.

  • TANK

    @The Gay Numbers:

    fucked up, but realistic given how my celeb sex vids are in circulation.

  • TANK

    The only way anyone should engage in potentially damning activities with a boyfriend is if you have something so unbelievably damning on them that no matter how acrimonious the split, they’ll remain mum.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @TANK: I understand what you are saying. I just actually feel bad for this guy more than judging him. Maybe some of this is projection. I have dreams too, and one day if I obtain them, I would hope that my ex’s would not come back to use my relationships with them against me. I would like to think, although I realize it is not the case, that some part of my life is not going to be transactional as I move up the ladder.

  • geoff

    Saw the pictures on Perez’s website. SWW? They were from what I know dating at the time. While I’m not going to make excuses, (always be safe),there was no other reason for that troll piece of shit Perez to air other’s people’s dirty laundry other than to make a few bucks. Perez could not give half a shit about anyone other than himself and will go to any lengths to fuck people over if it means a few extra dollars for his smug,ugly face. Black gave a beautiful speech at the Oscars,and even with these pictures, he’s a much better role model for the gay community than Perez could ever hope to be.(use condoms!:)

  • The Gay Numbers

    @geoff: I believe in safety, but this is where it becomes hazy for me. If someone is in a relationship with someone, that means that at some point if you decide together that going without condoms is what you want, I don’t think there should be any judgment. People can go a little crazy with the condoms thing. I understand why, and to some intellectual level agree. But, then, I hear crazy shit like guys who have been in a monogamous relationship (according to them) for years, and they still use condoms because they say you never know. These same guys call anyone who disagree stupid too so I am not willing to be as judgment because circumstances do matter.

  • Hermitage

    I feel so bad for him to be exposed like this and for everyone to be discussing and debating his sex life. The person who sold the video is less than human.

  • John Santos

    @Michael W.:

    I don’t know who writes what. The site seems to thrive on anonymity. I do know that it’s not Japhy Grant.

    Well, I’m not sad to see Grant gone. Thankfully, C*rd J*fferson appears to be gone too, since his name isn’t on the masthead anymore. Curiouser and curiouser.

  • John Santos

    Why does the queer community always turn on our own? I do not like how we are suddenly shunning, trashing and shit-talking DLB just because of this. I wasn’t happy with “Milk” because there were far too many hets playing the gay roles. But DLB has dome good for us by getting this film made.

    I think it was stupid for him to have sex on film–just like it’s stupid for anyone to do that. I’m not going to chastise him for not using condoms, because my BF and I don’t use them because we are in a LTR and have made it clear to each other that cheating even once is grounds for a break-up.

    The fact that he had sex on film and without protection is probably dumb. But he does not deserve the scorn he is getting from the commentators here.

    I just can’t wait to see straight Hollywood reject him oh so hypocritically, simply because he had sex with a man. Homophobic Hollywood likes it’s queers neutered and asexual–and it likes it’s sex tapes straight. DLB is going to be disowned by the “open minded” hets, let’s not abandon him too.

  • Scott

    A commenter on another website said the other guy is actor Ryan Carnes.

  • James

    Why does it always have to be about HIV when it comes to unprotected sex? How about gonorrhea, genital warts that can lead to anal cancer, syphilis, or Hepatitis. Gay men that practice unsafe sex can be reckless in how far outbreaks can go. Complacency stemming from “Oh we’re committed” or “Oh we’ve been regularly tested” regularly spreads false security. What if a partner cheats? Do committed partners always take STD tests together? I am no saint, but I’ve also learned lessons and I can only hope DLB has learned one here.

  • Geoff M

    A gay man likes to have sex? More power to him…and lack of condom use aside, he has a good body. I think the really funny story is that Queerty linked to Perez.

    (used to post as just ‘Geoff’ but evidently there’s another guy w/the same name so added the M)

  • 7SnowyNights



  • The Gay Numbers

    @James: I love commits such as yours in which we are all supposed walk in utter terror of the concept of being in a relationship. Because that’s what you are saying. Don’t trust anyone.

  • Anthony in Nashville

    I have no sympathy for people whose sex tapes are released, even if they suffer consequences.

    If you’re bold enough to record yourself engaging in what is supposed to be an intimate act, you must not care about the possible reprecussions.

    Too many people want to be porn stars.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Anthony in Nashville: If you are gay, many aleady think you are deviant so it’s amusing to read someone discuss sex practices of others as though they are above them on some scale. You need to look in the mirror,a nd ask the peo down in Tennessee where they see you fitting on your oh so judgmental scale.

  • scott ny'er

    @7SnowyNights: Oh Snap!!! That really does look like Ryan Carnes. Who is by the way… Gorgeous!!!

  • geoff

    @The Gay Numbers: Please don’t think I’m judging anyone for doing what they do in the bedroom. I absolutely agree it’s their business. I merely threw in the “use condoms” thing for the simple fact that there’s likely going to be some young people who see these pix and think “if they’re not using condoms,why should I?”. If someone has been in a monogamous(sp?) relationship for years and choose not to use condoms,that is their choice and none of my business. But remember,if in doubt,wrap it up! :)

  • The Gay Numbers

    @geoff: I agree with you now. I just firmly believe in contextualizing things. The whole issue over condoms is mostly about the odds regarding number of partners, type of activities, level of communication, testing, and many other things that we can not know. The simple rule “wear a condom” is meant to create a rule for keeping life simple, but it does not address normal human behavior- ie, when you are in a relationship you are going to naturally want to trust your partner. It is not to say that there aren’t people who do not contract diseases in relationship, but to treat everyone with one size fit all statements about condoms rings false to me.

  • TANK

    False to you, but true to seroconversion rates in say, DC. Many people in “monogamous” relationships have contracted HIV from their “faithful” partners. Trust is great…but monogamy isn’t for a lot of people.

  • 7SnowyNights

    @Jeff: Don’t even tease.

  • Kevin Gotkin

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for even giving this story a platform to be heard. Dustin Lance Black has accomplished more than most dedicated activists with his spot-on approach and commitment to making progress. He is likable, sweet, and draws opponents closer rather than alienating them (unlike, for example, Perez Hilton, who you also unfortunately linked to). Queerty, it really doesn’t help that you’re spreading a story like this about perhaps the best thing that’s happened to our cause.

    Really, really disappointing.

  • Andrew

    They use the rhythm method.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @TANK: Back up your position with data and stats.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @TANK: By the way, taking your argument seriously for a moment- would you advocate that straight couples who are married using condoms too?

  • Andrew

    WTF? He’s a douchebag, in your opinion, because he didn’t use a condom? I suppose you have full information about him and his relationship? Perhaps they’re in a committed monogamous relationship. Could be, right? I’m amazed at how presumptuous some of these comments are and how people feel sad and mad because he’s a “role mode” or whatever b.s. He’s a f*cking screenwriter and a human being. Human beings like to have sex. And some like to video themselves. Ooh….. how dirty and low of him. Jesus, people need to chill out.

  • Andrew

    @david duke:
    Go away, you piece of shit. If you stay, have the balls to put your real name and location.

  • J.P.

    “Where’s the condom? Where’s the condom?” You sound like a bunch of old women!

    Yes…having safe sex is socially preferred but show me a man either gay or straight who always remembers the condom each and everytime…it doesn’t exist…and yes, if you’ve been reading the blogs, it was a relationship he was in.

  • J.P.

    Also, why don’t we get over our puritanical bullshit and have role models who like to have sex? Dustin Lance Black is a role model for me and the fact that he likes sex and has in the past photographed it – wow, that’s fucking amazing to me! He does what the majority of people with digital cameras and camera phones do. Big whoop!

    We are sexual beings – let’s own that instead of trying to “mainstream” ourselves into asexual men. Not everyone wants to be the funny single uncle who gets to be the center square.

  • mike

    Will conservagays or religiousgays now distance thsemselves from Dustin Lance Black as they do to others who make them feel uncomfortable and aren’t following the line? Or will his celeb profile let them look past it?

  • Sapphocrat

    Meh, so what? So, he has sex. He’s not a self-appointed “moral” arbiter shitting on the rest of us, so who cares?

  • Jerry

    @real american:

    don’t be a hater

    how about a big wet kiss

    ha ha

  • pilgrim

    The real point of this would be, or so it seems, is about celebrity. Perez Hilton publishes these photos with a stern caveat, “NEVER make a sex tape, unless you’re ready for it to leak! Cuz it will happen.” Indeed, and Mr Perez is happy to publish them. We’re happy to view them. The story then invites every crazy opinion about the reality of AIDS, barebacking, penis size and Mr Tank’s usual multifarious bluster about, well, not sure what he’s going on about. But we are going on about it.
    It’s unfortunate that someone felt the need to make these images public. If it is Ryan Carnes (who can be seen naked on many, many websites) shame on you. Perez is perez, we expect you to have no boundaries. Privacy is dead.

  • Chris

    To those who commented that his dick is not small: let’s not forget that he is a rather short, tiny boy. Compared to the size of his body, that cock may look bigger than it is. It’s not an issue for me either way, but don’t kid yourself.

  • Dusty

    Having a bad day, dear?

  • Marcelo Castro

    What’s shocking isn’t the sex tapes. What’s shocking are some of these comments.

    Since when have we homosexuals become so gad damned puritanical?

    I think you conservative Gays need to start eating pussy, get married, have kids, watch game shows, bake cakes, knit and leave us faggots the fuck alone.

  • jason

    I am not puritanical. However, I am common sense. Common sense dictates that if you are going to have sex with lots of strangers, you’re putting yourself at increased risk of catching venereal diseases.

    However, if you are having sex with a healthy individual, your risk is zero.

  • HX

    The truth about Gus Van Sant really writing Milk (everyone in Hollywod knows) not this impostor, Black, will be out soon. The Oscar being a fraud and the real deserving writer being recognized — is to come!

  • andy

    everyone ignore rev phelps

  • Toby


    I remember the condom each and every time. It isn’t that difficult really. Driving a car and taking the SAT exam actually takes more thought and energy.

  • Chris

    Amen. I have never, ever had butt sex without a condom except in one particular long term relationship. It’s not something you want to just say “oops, I forgot the condom” and then go ahead and do. You’re crazy to do bareback unless you know your partner VERY well (and casual dating for a month or two doesn’t count).

  • Michael

    @Gore Vidal JR: Dude, I feel ya!

  • Anthony in Nashville

    @The Gay Numbers:

    I’m not judging people’s sexuality, I’m judging their intelligence.

    Regardless of what/who you like to fuck, I think taping it is stupid. Considering we live in a time in which sex tapes and nude photos tend to get released with regularity, if you still decide to perform for the camera, you can’t be surprised when that shit gets out there and it causes people to look at you differently.

  • Toby

    @Anthony in Nashville:

    Mr. Nashville is right. We have seen it happen enough in the past decade. DLB was smart enough to write an oscar winning script so I think he must be smart enough to have weighed the consequences of making a sex tape.

  • M Shane

    @Kevin Gotkin : don’t think that totally misrepresenting history for any cause, especially one that is reactionary is praiseworthy. Had he represented the real S.F and the real Milk: who made most of his connections in the Bathhouses.
    if the truth weretho be told marriage woulf hardly be the drum we would be beating- but safe sex as the Europeans wisely did.

    The corrupt right wing politics associated with this misareprentation is pathetic.
    Black is doing what Milk really did but in a low key.

  • blake


    Scott, it’s obviously not Ryan Carnes.

    Also. Who cares? How is this anyone’s business other than Lance Black’s and his partner?

    This crap about Black being a role model is B.S.

  • michael

    @Daniel: Daniel did one of your room mates eat your box of doughnuts before you woke up this morning. I have found that the only people that would say such things about a reasonably attractive guy, whether he is or is not your type and call someone a “sleazy whore” is some fat, ugly, repressed queen who could not get a dog to come near them even if they tied a pork chop around their neck. I am sorry you were born with such unfortunate physical conditions but saying absurd, stupid things wont change that, only diet, exercise and plastic surgery will do that, why don’t you use that loss of a dozen creme filled glazed as an excuse to get started on your much needed self improvement program today.

  • TMY714

    1) where can i watch the video?
    2) all the ppl who are juding him right now, what makes you so superior. Unless you’re a virgin, you’ve all had sex.
    3) for all you size queens on here…who cares if you think his penis is big or small, if he’s a top or a bottom. You bitter fat queens wouldnt get a chance to tap his ass
    4) As for all the ppl who have bareback sex. You’re probably those regular Craigslist posters telling everyone else you’re “disease free and looking for other disease free for bareback sex” Yes – Believe what a stranger tells you.

  • mmm

    The guy he’s with is a FREAK. I met him on a recent vacation and he wanted to pee on my friend.

  • TANK


    Sounds safer than what he did with DLB.

  • Bitch, please!

    @MMM: Maybe because your flamer friend was on fire and he was feeling charitable!

  • Carter

    DLB has done so much to help the GLBT community and now you trash and exploit him. Shame on you and shame on Perez. Big f**n deal; he made a sex tape. Give him some respect.

  • jjm16

    but back to dustin-this wasn’t even so much as in poor taste. they were pics taken when he wasn’t all that famous. and they were pics.

    i can only foresee such photos further misinforming the willfully misinformed… to be expected as long as there’s fox news and evangelical southerners/old people/ republicans have computers and tubes.

  • hardmannyc

    Two bland, blond Angelenos, one in “the Industry,” are fucking. Big deal.

  • whatsthebigdeal?

    How does everybody know there IS NOT A CONDOM. Do any of you ever watch porn? Have any of you ever been fucked by a guy who’s dick is large enough to wear a rubber and still disappear inside your ass? If not, that’s what sad. All these judgmental people jumping to preset conclusions. Ahh, there’s the reason our community gets stuck in its tracks all the time. How we all love to tear each other down and tell the other how much better, smarter, more buff, more handsome, whatever, than the other. Here’s a concept: Mind your own damn-business, make the best decisions you can, and let people live their lives.

    And to the question of why a talentless tabloid writer post private photos of a celebrated award-winning writer on his inane website? Hmm. I wonder.


  • Rudy

    @TANK: Your taking down the screenwriter of “Milk” because the disgusting Perez Hilton posted private photos of him?
    Does a moron like Perez Hilton decide what’s ethical or admirable?
    Hilton’s stupidity made a heroine out of gay-bashing Prejean!
    Folks, publishing these photos isn’t like outing.
    This isn’t puting a stop to some homophobic hypocrital politician who is hurting our community.
    This is taking down one of our better and talented people for what – a cheap thrill?
    If there is any way for Mr. Black to sue Hilton, the ex-BF, and the slimy company selling the video, I personally wish him the best.

  • D.J.

    The guy in these pics is Jeff Delancy. I had classs with him at ASU and we hung out a few times. He’s sent me drunk nude texts and emails before.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    DLB= our own Paris Hilton. Sad.

  • Cam

    Big deal, this guy was already out. An ex leaked some dirty pictures. As far as i’m concerned, he is still a great spokesman for the gay community. Only now instead of thinking he was a bit nerdy, I have to say he also is a bit of a hottie.

    And for those who say he is hypociritical because of the unsafe sex. Hey, if the guy was a boyfriend that is different than just having a random hook-up with a one-nighter.

  • Andramata

    @Marcelo Castro: AMEN brother! ohhhhh he has sex and tapes it. This is the same thing the straight people out there do to us. Why are we doing it to eachother? It doesn’t make a difference what he does in his private time. If he makes good movies for our enjoyment then you either watch it and support him or you don’t.

  • Lilly White

    If Dustin Lance Black is having bareback sex, there is NO WAY that heterosexuals deserve equal rights.

  • Don Laker

    Well, well, well, looks as if the great prodigy who likes to deliver self-righteous little speeches as award shows is actually just like the rest of us…and a typical gay boy. Did he have sex with Gus Van Sant to seal the deals or was Gus busy porking his gold digger of the week? God, all soooo typical. I’m glad I’ve removed myself from the silly games gays play.

  • Don Laker

    This guy comes across as being superior to the rest of us….going on and on and on about how everyone should be out and all that other self-righteous b.s….well, I guess he’s REALLY out now. I guess Mr. Holier-than-Thou should take a good look at himself….maybe he’ll blame the straights for his problems, like those two self-righteous “journalists” on gaytv do all the time. Lucky thing he can RENT any hot boy he wants in Hollywood…of course all the California fags would love to be with him, since he has some power and good looks… God, they are all so typical.

  • M Shane

    The very peculiar fact about this Black situation is that while “Milk”, in being a factually false and propagandistic film lending itself to fortifying the current right wing marriage fetish, Black himself was induldging in sexual behavior a little more representative of how things actually were in Harveys time.

    This is contrary to modern gay putritainism, so as an artist (to the degree that screenwriters are) he can be seen as being hypocrtical.

  • GJR

    @M Shane:

    Well, of course, all of Harvey’s contemporaries genuinely liked the film and say it was quite accurate.

    But the bigger issue is that you are a stupid ass: Guess what, the whole idea is to have the CHOICE to get married if one chooses. If one chooses not to, that is also fine. Black can also choose to screw 750 guys if he so chooses, he really needs to do so safely, just as straight men are free to screw 750 women if they so choose. So there is no conflict there whatsoever. I am a strong advocate of gay marriage but for various reasons, my partner and I may or may not make that choice in Connecticut.

  • TANK

    May or may not make that choice? There’s only one reason why you wouldn’t make that choice. You’re dirty, dirty whores, the both of you. Marriage is an obligation, not a choice when it’s an option.

  • M Shane

    @GRJ You must be one of those Scat Queens i’ve heard so much about : hence the irrational spewing. Even ol Harvey was renting the many boys he could get and getting to know people in the bathhouses. The movie left out anything pertinent and changed facts around constantly. Mosyt of Harveys real contemoraries died of so you wouldn’t be hearing from mmany of them.

    If you weren’t so ignorant you would know that marriage is just a an attempt to construct a neuvo closet–simply autohomophobic .
    Civil Unions are a legitimate choice and are ethical, as they know in the rest of the civilized world, not an attempt to act respectable.

  • Don Laker

    I don’t have a problem with people living their lives the way they want to live them. I do have a problem with people who start telling us how we should live our lives, as if they have the answers, and then are shown to be what they do not project themselves to be.

    More importantly, let’s look at Obama’s campaign rhetoric and compare it to the reality of his administration. Hypocrite!

  • AC Walker

    I think all of the people who say it’s “okay to go bareback if you’re in a committed relationship” are precious, and I hope they don’t expect me to feel sympathy when they end up infected. Monogamy is lovely- you should all practice it. But the best you can do is be monogamous yourself- unless you’re around your bf 24 hours a day you have no idea of whether you’re truly in a monogamous relationship. People lie. People cheat. I don’t care how long you’ve been together, if you don’t want HIV, you use a condom. Period.

    Stop defending this idiocy- DLB is clearly not as bright as we thought. For fun he had unprotected sex (with someone who is a porn actor and most likely a rentboy) and for narcissism he took pictures of it (because we all NEED to see ourselves having sex, right?) Every one of you who has made fun of Paris Hilton for being a skank should be ashamed of your double standard.

  • Danny Boy

    Starzlosers, the site that sold the video and photos is going down. Stephen Lenehan and his “beard,” the humongous Kelly Stagg-Lenehan are going to be criminally prosecuted for extortion and bribery by the Feds, as well as sued in civil court. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, cough, couple

  • Charles

    Boyfriend? Try boyfriend to the tune of $1,000/night! Jeff ‘Cameron’ Delaney is a gay4pay webcam rent-boy. And Mr. Gay Pride Dustin Lance Black was just another self-loathing homo looking to live out every queer’s mad dream of getting fucked by a straight guy!

  • Scott

    Lie down with trash, and you will stink. Ewww…

  • Dagrlzrd

    I am 52 years old and I grew up in San Francisco.I passed out flyers and took an active role in promoting Harvey Milk. I knew the man attended parties,heard him speak. I was there the day that he and the mayor of San Francisco were brutally murdered by a sick homophobic asshole.We had made great strides in gaining equality in San Francisco and it was all taken away from us on many levels after that heinous act.I was there at city hall the night that the riot broke out after our candle light march down Market Street from the Castro.We still had our Gay Pride Parade but things changed.A few months after the White Night Riot I was stopped by San Francisco’s finest South of Market dragged into an ally and severely beaten by the police.The City was no longer a safe haven for Gays.Then the so called Gay Pneumonia struck and AIDS was labeled the Gay Disease.Bars closed,Bath houses, businesses.I watched in horror as my friends and Gay brothers wasted away and died horrible painful lingering deaths.I cooked and cleaned and wiped asses cause nobody wanted to be in the same room as someone with AIDS. I took care of my friends and more than once did someone die in my arms.I tested positive in 1984 then waited to die,every month was my last,then every year became my last,now it is every decade.My point is that we need people like Dustin because no matter what mistakes he made and we all make them. He is still an intelligent,attractive,creative young man,and a credit to the L.G.B.T.community.I thank the Gods that we live in an age now where people can be themselves and not get burned at the stake just by sticking your head out of the closet.So put that in your prudish judgmental pockets all you hypercritical idiots.How many of you are dusting off your Oscars?

  • emjo

    I just don’t know what it is, but I don’t find these blue-eyed, blonde males that appealing. Perhaps it’s because they are so conventional looking that they almost become boring. Naturally I don’t think Dustin Lance is hot, or cute, or whatever, but I can see his mass appeal, because he’s very… common looking? He has that blonde babe look. Even though it just does not work for me.

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