“Shocking” ABC Documentary Reveals The “Secrets” Of A Gay Sauna

ZW0312A001S00_460Set your DV-Rs, fellas, because tonight ABC2 in Australia is taking viewers to a place few mainstream media outlets have ever dared  enter: An all-male sauna.


Secrets of the Gay Sauna is a “documentary” that goes inside the “gentlemen’s relaxation zone” of CS2, a popular sauna in Nottingham U.K. Viewers get behind-the-scenes peeks at the management, visitors, and the poor chap whose job it is to clean up.

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“On some levels CS2 in Nottingham much like any normal, conventional sauna,” producers say. “It has a power shower, a jacuzzi and some changing rooms. But it’s upstairs that is unique to a gay sauna.”

“Here, over 1000 sq. ft of space is put aside to cater to every sexual need from ‘dark rooms’ to ‘sex swings’.”


“Customers come here at any time of day–during their lunch break or after a night out to have sex with perfect strangers. And at £12 a visit, business is booming.”

And all this time we thought sex clubs were going extinct. Let’s just hope straights don’t get it wrong. These spaces are our own; you can’t invade them like you have gay bars and clubs.

Check out the trailer for Secrets of the Gay Sauna below. Or don’t.

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