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Sia Lends Her Voice To Unusually Gritty — Though Sexy — Olympics Ad

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Oh, the pageantry. Sia donates her considerable pipes to this new Olympics-themed Gillette ad, which ramps up the angst to such an extent that we’re not quite clear what everyone’s so upset about.

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Featuring the likes of Neymar Jr. and Ning Zetao — who is inexplicably doused in slo-motion, like a food-styled tomato in an Olive Garden commercial — the end result looks like David Fincher might’ve directed, albeit on a sugar low.

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“Perfect isn’t pretty,” the campaign tells us. Intercut with training footage — and featuring a sudden rap attack by Pusha T — the commercial treats us to a montage of descending storm clouds, really angry wolves, and athletes dunking with steely resolve into buckets of ice water.

It’s all quite irretrievably hardcore.

Watch the lavish, lengthy commercial here:

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