Simon Cowell: I May Be A Bit Camp, But I’m Not Gay!

In a new unauthorized biography released Friday, American Idol‘s Simon Cowell once again denies queer rumors about himself—and says if he was gay, he’d be happy to tell everyone. “Why wouldn’t I admit it?” the Brit TV producer is quoted as saying in Tom Bower’s Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell. “It wouldn’t harm me and my mother wouldn’t freak out.”

Um, maybe you shouldn’t bring up your mother when trying to defend your staunch heterosexuality, Simon. (And maybe keep mum about the Botox, colonic irrigations, vitamin injections and all-black toilet paper.)

Sweet Revenge also recounts Cowells numerous affairs with women like ex-fiancée Mezghan Hussainy and former X Factor UK judge Dannii Minogue (Kylie’s sister).  Sharon Osbourne, another former  X Factor panelist  confirmed the liaison with Minogue and said his macho act tems from the fact that Cowell has “small-penis syndrome.”


As for the gay rumors, they first sprung up in the 1980s when Cowell was trying to get pop-star girlfriend Sinitta’s songs played in London’s gay clubs. “It was at this time he befriended gay record producer Ian Levine who branded Cowell as ‘camp’,” reports the Daily Mail.

Having a laugh about Cowell’s flamboyant rep, CNN host Piers Morgan tweeted a pic of the two together with the comment, “Seriously… just good friends.”

 A friendship with Cowell isn’t something we’d brag about, Piers.
 Photos: Piers Morgan, Ballantine Books




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  • jason

    Nobody believes Simon on his sexuality. In my opinion, most of these women who say they’ve slept with him are either lying or they’re being paid to exaggerate his heterosexuality.

    He’s quite possibly bisexual and has had relationships with men. My researchers are looking into it.

  • Torrie

    I never thought he was gay tbh. Where the fuck are people getting this from?

  • Don

    I think he’s just a staunch metrosexual. Simon seems more like an oblivious straight guy who thinks paying that much attention to his appearance will get him wore women. I don’t think he gets that its coming off as femme and thats why the gay association is being made.

  • ousslander

    Nothing like trading in stereotypes.

  • BlackRockRitual


    Everyone is fond of owls!

    Except for mice and shrews,

    … and Simon Cowells!

  • BlackRockRitual

    He’s the King of the beavers!

    You cannot deceives us, and you can’t fool owls!

  • jason

    Simon Cowell has a heterosexual image to maintain within the homophobic music industry. It’s still largely a homophobic industry, especially in relation to men. Having a man marketed as gay or bi is completely forbidden.

  • mb00

    Not everyone in this industry is gay. Just cause the man takes care of himself the way he doesn’t means shit. Isn’t that perpetuating the same stereotypes we’re so desperatley trying separate ourselves from?

  • dannyboi2

    I want to believe him, He can be whatever he wants with all the millions he’s worth. I don’t think being gay would hurt him one bit. Maybe he’d scare parents with his boy bands… would be my only consideration why he’s not out. Otherwise, I like Simon his become part of our culture and I could careless what he does in bed.

  • mc

    I haven’t heard any rumors about Simon with other men really, so I’ll assume he’s straight like he says. It’s funny but to me he gives off a very asexual vibe like how I used to think of Michael Jackson. Simon just seems like he likes things in an orderly fashion and comes across as persnickety and that sex of any kind would be too messy for him. That’s why none of his relationships looked real to me. I still enjoyed Idol in the early days and he was funny.

  • qwerty23

    What is with the bitchy tone? Did Simon diss an American Idol contestant that you liked?

  • Jimmy Velvet

    Let the breeders have him….we don’t want him!

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