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So Only 3.5% Of Americans Are Calling Themselves Queer, Ey?

So much about that 1-in-10 figure you keep bandying about: Just 3.5 percent of Americans, or nine million people, are LGBT. So concludes Gary J. Gates at the UCLA School of Law, who looked back on six studies conducted in the past half decade. Not only that, but apparently there are more bisexual folks (1.8 percent) than gays or lesbians (1.7 percent)? Some 700,000 (or 0.3 percent) identify as trans, meanwhile. But that doesn’t mean America isn’t filled with folks who’ve gotten it on with the same sex!

Gates, who pegs America’s LGBT population as roughly the size of New Jersey, finds some 19 million Americans (8.2 percent) say they’ve tried the same-sex sex thing, while about 25.6 million Americans (11 percent) say they fall somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey scale and have some same-sex attraction.

The full study is here (PDF). And no, it doesn’t list the names and Facebook profile URLs of the 8,999,999 others queers. Our marketing manager already checked.