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So Rep. Eric Massa Has a History of Groping Male Staffers?

Because former Rep. Erica Massa claims he didn’t even know he was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee, he claimed he only recently found out what the harassment allegations entailed. But perhaps he should’ve known sooner, since he’s reportedly been under investigation for groping male staffers for years.

In a bludgeoning WaPo report that’s sure to expand, Carol D. Leonnig says, “The allegations surrounding the New York Democrat date back at least a year, and involve ‘a pattern of behavior and physical harassment,’ according to one source. The new claims of alleged groping contradict statements by Massa, who resigned his office on Monday after it became public that he was the subject of a House ethics committee investigation for possible harassment. Massa had said that the allegations were limited to his use of ‘salty language’ with his staff. … According to two sources familiar with the probe, Massa’s former deputy chief of staff Ron Hikel provided the information about the staffers’ allegations to the House ethics committee three weeks ago. Hikel had earlier sought advice from Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office about brewing internal complaints, the sources said, and had been urged to report the allegations to the committee.”

Perhaps his 24-hour turn as a conservative media hero is about to end.

UPDATE: Massa admits he groped a male staffer but insists it wasn’t sexual.

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