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  • kevin

    my god those are so much hotter than any porn i’ve EVER seen. umph!

  • Mike in MO

    Soccer IS gay. That’s why I love it so much!

  • nikko

    Yep, that’s gay for sure. Delish.

  • Trenton

    On the one hand, I am inclined to say that we shouldn’t label it as “gay”; men should be allowed to be so affectionate without it being considered sexual or romantic. Other world cultures grasp that far betterthan those of us ingrained with ideals of American machismo, hence why you’ll find more pics of this for soccer than for baseball or gridiron football. On some level, we perhaps reinforce that negative, “real men don’t kiss” by implying that two guys who kiss in the giddiness of victory are “gay”.

    On the other hand…dayumn. That’s hella gay.

  • Darth Paul

    Wayne Rooney’s great at giving us ‘gay’ shots like these. I love it.

  • HL

    It’s why I love soccer.

  • Alex

    it’s called football dammit! the rest of the world calls it american football and it’s just as weird as that game they play in Australia with those ugly sleeveless tops

  • ChicagoJimmy

    LOL Trenton!

  • Erick

    First of all its footbal, second…thats hot!

  • michael

    Its nice to see men loving each other, whether it is sexual or not.
    And that is what really frightens the hell out of those who are against us as gay people, its not the sex between two men its the emotional intimacy that frightens them the most. Why? Because when that happens, you have two people who are truly naked and transparent where everything one is can be seen. And we as men know, gay or straight, that nobody can really see everything we are but someone. That is why you have so many hateful, viscous women who hate gay men out there, because they know we can go to a level that they never can. On the inside.
    who is very much like us.

  • msim

    I LOVE football. It’s not called “the beautiful game” for nothing.
    I am one of those lesbians who absolutely adores gay or straight men who show physical affection towards each other.
    It’s just lovely and natural (and hot, these pics are amazing).

  • Phoenix (who is sharpening the blade of the guillotine for the coming revolution)

    Okay, now make with the hot hockey players. I’ve heard stories about them too.

    Phoenix (who is sharpening the blade of the guillotine for the coming revolution)

  • Smokey Martini

    This just goes to show you how much more comfortable Europeans and South Americans are about their sexuality. Heterosexuality CAN remain intact when you hug and kiss another guy. Heck, some even believe your heterosexuality can remain intact even if you fuck a guy — as long as you’re the top.

    Let this be a lesson for all you American and Canadian straight boys out there! A little bit of love (and care) will always to a long way…

  • nikko

    TRENTON, MICHAEL,MSIM and SMOKEY MARTINI, I loved your comments!! Great! Thanks!

  • Madam HoVery

    I understand that in the heat of the moment and all that–but look at the kisses! They are pretty intense! By the way, on all the talk about so called “straight men”–one site, CRAIGSLIST! Judging by that site, it is not a matter of which one will “play” with us but when?!

  • soccernuts

    It is pics like this that illustrate why I love soccer so much. Soccer IS gay!

  • yea yea football(american) woo wooo

    ur all fag u coccer faggots

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