Some Craig-Related Inquiries

Can’t get enough gay political scandal? Neither can we and, thankfully, neither can our friends over The Cup of Joe Blog.

With the revelation that Senator Larry Craig loves cock, they’ve generated a list of ten sample questions for Tim Russert from NBC’s Meet the Press to ask Craig.

We’ve reprinted them after the jump. Number four is our particular favorite. (As if you care…)

1) Senator, welcome to Meet the Press. What’s your favorite Madonna album?

2) During the 1970s, did you ever sport a Malcolm P.I. moustache?

3) Should we pursue a constitutional amendment guaranteeing Americans the right to moisturize?

4) Is there such a thing as “dressing too sexy”? If there is, have you ever been guilty?4) Is there such a thing as “dressing too sexy”? If there is, have you ever been guilty?

5) There, right there. In your back pocket. What color is that hanky there?

6) What’s your screenname?

7) If you had to choose between two different drag queen nicknames — Miss Allegra or Miss Claritin — which would it be, and why?

8) Why are you making love to me with your eyes?

9) The two-button or the three-button suit: What Would Jesus Do?

10) You advocated the Federal Marriage Amendment that would have changed the constitution to prevent gays from marrying. You voted to confirm anti-gay judges. You have a voting record of “F” for gay-related issues according to one website. Senator, if you were to run into a gay person later this afternoon, say in the men’s stall at a public restroom, how would you explain your votes to him?