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Some Thoughts On Michael Lucas

Our brave editor Andrew Belonsky has now returned from his Michelangelo Signorile-sponsored debate with Michael Lucas. So, what’s he have to say?

I wish Michael weren’t so full of it so I could have spoken more. Oh well. He refused to shake my hand at the end, which I thought was really very classy. He also told me he doesn’t like my use of a horse’s ass when discussing his insane, irrational and hateful opinions. Poor thing’s so self-absorbed, he doesn’t realize I do that for loads of people! But, as we all know, Michael’s very particular about his pictures, so I’m proposing a new one: scum. Or smegma.

Belonsky ain’t the only one with some words on the interview. A lovely reader sent us a list of the things he’s learned from Michael Lucas.

Read it and weep, after the jump…

Muslims always overreact. [Some do, at times.]

It was not apparent what the actual artistic value of burning this “evil book” by Charles Merrill was.

One can’t compare Judaism to Islam.

You can’t find a Jewish man who blows himself up. [Yes you can. Christian Amanpour did a whole segment on them!!]

The scale of hatred is different for every religion and it doesn’t change. Islam is the worst.

Muslims live in the Jungle.

Bush supports Islam.

Muslims don’t allow rights for women and homosexuals because of oil.

You can’t bring democracy to people who don’t know what democracy is and who have no precedent. [This is a political point, not a religious one and and I happen agree.]

Muslims will execute anyone who burns the Jewish Torah on YouTube.

It’s wrong to generalize, but all Muslims will kill you.

Christians can believe what they want, but the only people who act on their beliefs are Muslims. [Forget about the people who die in bombing in abortion clinics or Matthew Shepherd…]

Not all Muslims are bad, but Islam is an evil religion. [Generalizing is bad…remember.]

Islam is a religion stuck in the Middle Ages and will never come out. [It took how many years for Christianity to come out of the Middle Ages?]

If you don’t see the wisdom in Michael Lucas, you’re an idiot.

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  • EdWoody

    “It’s wrong to generalize, but all Muslims will kill you.”

    Ha ha ha! Brilliant!

  • mozzer13

    Jack E. Jett was wrong. Lucas is actually the Paris Hilton of porn…dumb as a post, bigoted, and not nearly as pretty as he thinks. When he comments on the Middle East, he makes Ben Affleck look like Madeline Albright.

  • Dawster

    i personally do not lean in the same direction of Andrew B. that religion can spawn good. my mother is religious, my mother is good. but when i mentioned something about the last ice age, she blatantly mentioned that there were no ice ages… only Noah’s Flood.

    religion tends to limit thinking.

    Michael Lucas is a self-proclaimed Zionist, and is VERY limited in his views. His words are prejudiced and simplistic. plus, many of his words were true if we were talking about the political stage and foreign policy (oil, war, the middle east)… not religious.

    he was completely moronic and so hateful to Islam. but that is very typical belief. there are SO MANY different types of Muslims (just like Christians)… to lump them all together makes his arguments invalid.

    (by the way, the Iranian President belongs to the Twelvers version of the Shia belief of Islam and has publicly voiced same exact views of Lucas, but about Christians and Zionists – same simplistic arguments.)

  • afrolito

    Islam is a religion of peace, and has always been loving and embracing of the gays. More of us should convert, and move to the mideast. Those horrific stories of torture, prison, and stonings are just western propaganda.


    I don’t know much about Michael Lucas but I listened to the Michelangelo Signorile show today and let me tell you that “the lovley reader who sent you a list of things is either a liar or a moron. First Michael Lucas was very clear and articulate in his comments (esp for someone who english is not his first language) Belonsky really had nothing to say – the only argument that i have heard is that all religions are equally bad and his accuzations of Michael being a racest. I think Michael had many great points, all of which were very well presented – in fact he made me think about things that I never thought about before. It surprised me that a pornographer is more educated on the topics at hand then the editor of this blog.

  • speedsausage

    Don’t know who made the last comment, it’s either Lucas, one of his cronies or just some random fan. In any case the comment is almost verbatim from Lucas’ blog.

    “Signorile made it clear to both myself and his listeners that he did not share my point of view, however he did give me a fair enough time to get my point across. In a way it was easy to do, as Belonsky really had nothing to say. In fact, he only had one argument, which was that fundamentalist Christians, Jews, and Muslims were equally as bad and cause the world an equal amount of problems.”


  • hisurfer

    Yeah, that Belonsky. He never has anything to say, does he? (/irony)


    Um, no – but my point is that even if you don’t believe what he says it still might make someone go out and learn a little more about the topic at hand. Sadly enough, in this country it seems that many people don’t push themselves to learn much unless they have some kind of personal movitation. Mabye some kind of infurating statment might just do it. Who knows.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Religion prevents its followers from being better people.

    And, evidently, porn prevents tight-skinned orange folks from being smarter people.

  • hisurfer

    So CMWNYC, your – oops, I mean, Michael Lucas’s – racism is just a ploy to get people to think?

  • Qjersey

    Goolander will continue spewing his nonsense as long as his given an outlet. Stick to porn Goolander, how about some justice there? Like paying your actors residuals instead of flat fees. Oh yeah, then you’d have to share the wealth, won’t happen.

  • eireapparent

    Goolander!?!?! Vapid, pursed lips… God, it’s all there! That’s freakin’ hilarious! Honestly, maybe it’s early, but it took me a moment to get the pun. Qjersey, they should give awards for puns and yours deserves one. Or has that been going around and I just now heard it? Anyway, I think t-shirts should be printed. I cannot stop laughing.

  • Dawster

    i need to correct something i wrote earlier…

    first off… good CAN come from religions… ALL religions. the idea that Michael Lucas has that Islam is stuck in the Middle Ages and WILL NOT EVER come out is presumptuous. it took a long time for Christianity to break free. even today, the Christian god talked to W Bush and told him going to Iraq was okay. he also said that haircut works on Laura.

    but on the other hand, there is a lot of progress possible. after getting hit by two hurricanes, the only people there to help an openly gay couple and their neighbors was the Catholic church. they gave us a hot meal, a cold drink, newspaper, and information 2 days before FEMA showed up. good can come from religion, i suppose, but the grander buckle still bothers me.

    i just wanted to clarify that.

  • dfrw

    Whereever religion is, be it Islam, Judaism, or Christianity, trouble is sure to follow. All of them are awful.

    As for Islam, it IS stuck in the 11th century (which is probably progressive for it) and probably always will be.

    I don’t understand how one can base one’s 21st century life on the ideas from antiquity, the first century, or the 7th.

    There is no God. Deal with it.

  • yonah ward grossman

    It’s fasinating to see a porn star with such strident, if somewhat benighted, veiws on religion and politics. You never see Pat Buchannon doing porn, which certainly would be a step upward for him.
    Lucas is off, but not that far off. Islam, because it has been hijacked by fanatics, is currently the most dangerous religion on the planet.
    Yes, ALL religions have fanatics, but currently in the other two major western religions, those fanatics are largly marginalized to the point that they can do little harm.
    Islam has virtually no one currently pushing a tolerant form. Doing so would put their lives in danger.
    There is NO outcry from the Muslim world as followers of that religion murder each other wholesale in Iraq, Lebannon, Syria, Darfur, Somolia, etc. etc.
    South Africa was boycotted internationally for keeping blacks in virtual slavery. Islam keeps half it’s popualation covered from head to toe, gives them virtually no rights, and in many places perform female genital mutilation, removal of the clitoris, on it’s prepubecent girls. Very ugly, and given a complete pass in the west.
    Americans are completely naive about other peoples. We judge everyone by ourselves and believe if you just treat people justly, they will behave in kind. That’s not reality.
    Is there something inherantly evil about Islam. No.
    I have read the Koran and the old and new testaments, and they all have parts that can be interpreted as, “Kill your enemies”.
    Each religion has had it’s dark age where the fanatics reign. Islam is having it’s now.
    That’s sad for them, and dangerous for the rest of the world.

  • maclvr

    You are all just a bunch of juvenile haters. Is it this mans success and fame that really bugs you? If anything, those two points alone coupled with his ability to be “out there” should make any queen jealous. I was actually listening to this show, which I’m sure most of you were NOT, and just read this made up transcript (only two of the points stated here actually escaped his mouth). What’s even more juvenile than a lack of listening and reading comprehension skills is your bashing on his physical appearance, which on this website is getting quite tired and repetitive. He’s actually one of the most beautiful men alive, and his success is a direct correlation between his looks and his sales :) I find his movies incredibly hot. No one goes out and pays $100 for a movie starring this “freak” you describe. Get with it. Now I don’t necessarily agree with his political views, but he is entitled to his opinions, and that’s an entirely different subject altogether.

    By the way, you can actually check the debate on Michael’s blog and see for yourself how clear it was that he won:

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