Plus, Special Reader Contribution!

Some Thoughts On Michael Lucas

Our brave editor Andrew Belonsky has now returned from his Michelangelo Signorile-sponsored debate with Michael Lucas. So, what’s he have to say?

I wish Michael weren’t so full of it so I could have spoken more. Oh well. He refused to shake my hand at the end, which I thought was really very classy. He also told me he doesn’t like my use of a horse’s ass when discussing his insane, irrational and hateful opinions. Poor thing’s so self-absorbed, he doesn’t realize I do that for loads of people! But, as we all know, Michael’s very particular about his pictures, so I’m proposing a new one: scum. Or smegma.

Belonsky ain’t the only one with some words on the interview. A lovely reader sent us a list of the things he’s learned from Michael Lucas.

Read it and weep, after the jump…

Muslims always overreact. [Some do, at times.]

It was not apparent what the actual artistic value of burning this “evil book” by Charles Merrill was.

One can’t compare Judaism to Islam.

You can’t find a Jewish man who blows himself up. [Yes you can. Christian Amanpour did a whole segment on them!!]

The scale of hatred is different for every religion and it doesn’t change. Islam is the worst.

Muslims live in the Jungle.

Bush supports Islam.

Muslims don’t allow rights for women and homosexuals because of oil.

You can’t bring democracy to people who don’t know what democracy is and who have no precedent. [This is a political point, not a religious one and and I happen agree.]

Muslims will execute anyone who burns the Jewish Torah on YouTube.

It’s wrong to generalize, but all Muslims will kill you.

Christians can believe what they want, but the only people who act on their beliefs are Muslims. [Forget about the people who die in bombing in abortion clinics or Matthew Shepherd…]

Not all Muslims are bad, but Islam is an evil religion. [Generalizing is bad…remember.]

Islam is a religion stuck in the Middle Ages and will never come out. [It took how many years for Christianity to come out of the Middle Ages?]

If you don’t see the wisdom in Michael Lucas, you’re an idiot.