"We Are Certainly Not Gay Friendly."

South African Villa Denies Gay Couples

South Africa may have the world’s most progressive constitution, but some of its inhabitants stick to their unconstitutional guns. A “luxury” villa denied two men accommodation for their gay ways.

Morne Stickling said his partner, Johan de Klerk, had booked a night at the luxury Villa Vita Nouva guesthouse by email, and sent a final email asking for a king-size bed and confirming the couple’s arrival time.

“Please note, I hope you are a gay-friendly guesthouse,” De Klerk stated in his email.

Villa Vita Nouva owner Marion Botha responded: “We are certainly not gay-friendly, this is a Christian household. We have never had a gay couple staying in the house and we prefer to keep it that way. We hereby cancel this order and exercise our right of admission.”

Now Stickling and de Klerk may exercise their judicial rights and sue big-mouthed Botha, who, of course, had “no comment” on the story.