South Park Not As Sorry Over ‘Fag’ Episode As GLAAD Would Hope


Nope, South Park and Comedy Central won’t be apologizing for last week’s fag-filled episode, despite GLAAD’s demand they do so. Because South Park is a television show that traffics in stereotypes and bigotry — to point out how ridiculous they are, rather than endorse them — and believes its viewers to be smart enough to recognize its M.O. Which means rather than a “We’re sorry,” they issued this statement: “South Park is famous for tackling controversial subject matter in thoughtful and hilarious ways. This particular episode of the show has been both criticized and applauded within the gay and lesbian community. With all of that in mind, we will let this South Park episode speak for itself.”

Oooh, but did you read between the lines there? They said the ep was “both criticized and applauded within the gay and lesbian community,” which is basically akin to saying, “You are not the entire gay community, GLAAD!” Bitch. Slap!