"Stay Out Of Politics," Say Socialists

Spanish Govt. Bites Back At Catholic Church

The Catholic Church better stay out of politics, says Spain’s ruling Socialist government. Officials issued a stern ultimatum after last week’s homophobic-laden rally.

The party issued a communique in response to accusations by several church leaders that policies such as homosexual marriage were eroding human rights and democracy.

Spain’s Catholic Church either had to contest the March 9 elections or to stay out of politics, Socialist Party organizational secretary Jose Blanco wrote in his blog.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s government spoke out after several bishops accused it of undermining human rights or democracy at a rally of 160,000 people in Madrid on Sunday.

The church has long been at odds with a government that legalized homosexual marriage, speedier divorce and stem-cell research.

Blanco on Tuesday described such accusations as ‘extremely serious,’ offensive to Catholic Socialists, and urged the church to rectify the statements.

The government also wonders if the Church is secretly campaigning for the right wing People’s Party.