Claim athletes three times gayer than everybody else

Sports Gay, Scientists Say

lockerroomsports.jpgWhile the generally acknowledged gay/straight ratio of the populace is placed somewhere around one in 10, Dr. Eric Anderson of the University of Bath recently revealed the findings of a study he conducted which suggest that number spikes to one in three among athletes.

According to U.K. Gay News, Anderson also observed that “the sexual acts described [by participants] differed from acts of ‘hazing’ or team-bonding that often include pretend-homosexual acts.” Kinda makes you wonder what Anderson’s numbers would look like if he included the “pretend” stuff in his equations–chances are they’d probably come close to matching the gay/straight ratio at the New York Sports Club steam rooms and saunas this week.

“Third of Former School American Football Players Had Gay Sexual Relations: Study” [U.K. Gay News]

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  • SexintheCity

    Gernre Magazine had interviews with a Gay Rugby team and its players last month, and Advocate covered the gay basketball player. You go gay sports guys!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Let’s get real here. The study was done with former high school players who were now CHEERLEADERS with a sample size of only 47 guys. As if we didn’t already know that the majority of male cheerleaders were gay – either in practice or in their desire to hang around hot guys their own age while lacking the athletic ability to participate. A breeding ground for closet cases.

    If you are a gay sports guy checkout out

  • Jon

    There is something odd about heterosexual men who bond together in hot, sweaty, steamy, lockerrooms.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Double Y chromosomes with a mesomorphic frame and athletic ability and smashing good looks. We have described both the psychosexual orientational ideal..

    The pre-Wilde stereotype of the gay male was the macho male engaged in macho sports and careers…devoid of women. Wilde brought the other stereotype into play….the foppish gay.

    There were gym queens among baby boomers, but the gen X and Y are fitter folks.

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