Claim athletes three times gayer than everybody else

Sports Gay, Scientists Say

lockerroomsports.jpgWhile the generally acknowledged gay/straight ratio of the populace is placed somewhere around one in 10, Dr. Eric Anderson of the University of Bath recently revealed the findings of a study he conducted which suggest that number spikes to one in three among athletes.

According to U.K. Gay News, Anderson also observed that “the sexual acts described [by participants] differed from acts of ‘hazing’ or team-bonding that often include pretend-homosexual acts.” Kinda makes you wonder what Anderson’s numbers would look like if he included the “pretend” stuff in his equations–chances are they’d probably come close to matching the gay/straight ratio at the New York Sports Club steam rooms and saunas this week.

“Third of Former School American Football Players Had Gay Sexual Relations: Study” [U.K. Gay News]