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Steve Grand Gets Misty About Third Anniversary Of “All-American Boy”


Steve Grand, that scantily-clad musician who wants to be recognized more for his music than his penchant for being scantily-clad, is celebrating an anniversary.

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In a move that might remind you of the ex-boyfriend who wanted to celebrate the three-week mark and then the three-month milestone before being unceremoniously dumped, the weekend found Grand in a meditative mindset as he singlehandedly marked the occasion of the three-year anniversary of his country-tingled single “All-American Boy.”

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“It’s been a beautiful, enriching, challenging, tumultuous, life-shaping journey,” he relates in a newly uploaded YouTube video. “I just want to say from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful and thankful to each and every one of you who have supported me in any way that you have.”

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Perhaps Grand has finally invested in a publicist, as the new clip plays it extraordinarily safe and on paper reads like a press release. He stops just short of thanking the Academy.

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“The rich moments of connectivity I have felt with you through sharing my music and videos and even some of my silly posts have warmed and empowered me,” he says.

But it’s been the challenging moments that have given me the opportunity to grow and heal in ways I might not have otherwise. My days are very busy and very focused – more busy and focused than ever. I absolutely love it.”

When not performing in various Pride celebrations and weekend shows, Grand promises he’s working on new music “every day,” so expect many more anniversaries from him in the future.

Check out the videos below: