Steven Colbert Delivers A One-Two Punch To One Million Moms

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.58.47 AMOn Tuesday’s Late Show, host Steven Colbert made some excellent points about the recent One Million Moms non-troversy surrounding the completely adorable Campbell’s Soup/Star Wars crossover ad that features real-life gay dads and their son.

The obvious (and most hilarious) argument is that in drafting a take-down on Campbell’s, all the mother-based activist group really did was give the ad another round of media attention. So, thanks moms! Your woefully outdated fears are doing a great job at furthering the cause.

Well, as much as a commercial for soup can be considered a “cause.”

Oh, and getting upset that Campbell’s Soup is suddenly associated with gay men? “Nobody tell them about Andy Warhol.”

Watch below: