Straight dudes confess the gayest things they’ve done in private

A new Reddit thread asks hetero guys the question many of us are dying to know: “As a straight guy, what’s the gayest thing you’ve done?”

The thread was posted just yesterday and has already garnered over 7,000 responses.

“I’m a professional body piercer,” one guy writes. “I touch other dudes’ dicks all the time.”

Hmmm. We’re not sure that qualifies as “gay”, but OK.

“Lost my phone, thought my friend took it because he had a bulge in his pants, grabbed said bulge, handful of dick,” another guy says.

Also not gay, but whatever.

“Once, my friend group decided to skinny dip and play truth or dare,” a third guy writes. “The girls wanted to see how far us guys would go so they kept daring us to do shit like make out, touch each other’s dicks, etc. For me personally, I made out with another guy, and one of the guys kissed my dick.”

That’s slightly gayer, we suppose.

“I gave a guy a hand job,” another guy confessions.

That’s definitely gay.

“Got a BJ from one of my best friends who is gay,” yet another one says. “Nothing like getting a BJ from a guy to realize that you are definitely not even bisexual, but after 2 and a half year dry spell a BJ is a BJ.”

That, too, is definitely gay.

“I made out with and got a handjob from a fraternity brother of mine. He asked if he could ‘put it in his mouth’, at which point I decided I was no longer bi-curious,” yet another one writes.

That is undeniably gay.

Then there’s this, which is sweet:

My friends and I were all in a bathroom together, and we were really hyped up for some reason, and we showed each other our wieners. Oddly enough I think it made us better friends.

Also this:

On deployment in the Marine Corps. I was laying in the desert next to my team leader under a perfect sky. All the stars were out and the air felt like the shade on a hot day. Him and I talked calmly about our families, our dreams, and how perfect the sky looked and how small that made us. “Hold my hand” he said. I could feel, without touching, that his arm was extending. Over the course of the following second I contemplated my whole existence before half consciously reaching out to him. His hand felt nice and we said nothing. This lasted for maybe 10 minutes until we fell asleep.

And, lastly, this might be the gayest thing a straight guy has ever done ever in the history of straight guys doing gay things:

On-stage kiss with another guy for a musical production.

We’re surprised that didn’t turn him gay forever!

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