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Straight guy SHOCKED at what goes on in Equinox steam room during lunch hour. Now he’s suing?

A New York gym-goer was in for the surprise of a lifetime when he realized that an activity other than sitting/sweating was going down in the steam room during his lunch break, and he’s taking his story where it belongs(?): the Manhattan Supreme Court.

And the way he tells it, you’d think he was the first person on earth to witness such an egregious act.

“I’m relaxing, I’m sitting in the corner, it’s very meditative,” he said of the mood in the steam room of the Equinox on Broadway in Gramercy Park as he got settled.

“The steam clears… And I look across from me. This gentleman, sitting pretty close, his towel is open, his legs are spread and he’s looking right at me, and the guy next to him was rubbing [the man’s] inner thigh,” the so-called victim told The Post.

“He’s looking right at me, his towel’s off and he’s masturbating,” he added.

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Just then, he noticed a third man allegedly looking at him while touching himself.

And here’s where his story goes from “OK, yeah, that’s understandably uncomfortable” to “wait… what are you really getting at here?”

“I thought, ‘No escape, I’m going to be sexually assaulted,’” he recalls thinking just before “fleeing.”

That’s quite the leap, and it’s not shocking that the staff didn’t share quite the same sense of urgency when he told them the story at the front desk.

According to his suit brought before the Manhattan Supreme Court filing against the fitness chain, Equinox “had known for as much as 10 years prior that similar wrongful acts were occurring in its steam showers.”

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However true that might be, we’d still bet the man was in no danger of being “sexually assaulted,” but we’ll have to wait and see what a judge has to say.

The gym’s official stance is exactly what you’d expect every gym’s stance to be: “We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior in our clubs,” an official spokesperson for Equinox told The Post.

Enforcement, however, is a whole other story.

The straight, single dad is reportedly “shaken up.”

What do you think? Does this guy need a thicker skin if he’s going to frequent Equinox steam rooms at lunchtime in Manhattan, or does he have a case?