He was straight when quarantine started. Now he’s ready to marry his FWB.

Maybe quarantine hasn’t been tough on everyone. One guy says he identifies as bisexual now, after spending quarantine time with a male best friend who became his friend with benefits.

In his Reddit post, this guy explains that he and his new FWB have known each other since middle school, where the FWB was bullied for being gay. But the pair didn’t become friends until high school. “He was really chill and fun to be around,” the guy writes. “I was also semi-popular in my school because I was very good at track. I helped him not be bullied as much, and from then on, we became best friends.”

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Their friendship carried into their adults years… but things “changed” between them during quarantine times. “He started to flirt with me, which was whatever, but one night we were watching a movie and he kissed me,” the guy reveals. “I enjoyed it but was confused. We then had sex that night, which was f*cking amazing.”

How amazing? “I now identify as bisexual,” the guy says.

Now the duo have been sleeping with each other for months, this guy adds, and it’s all been going great. “We talk about everything and play video games, and after, [we] just f*ck,” he says. “It’s been so much better with him because we both have a high sex drive, which makes this even better.”

Better yet, the guy “really love[s] this dude” and “honestly would marry him today” if he could. “He is the best thing to happen thing to happen to me,” he explains. “But we haven’t made it official, and I don’t know how to ask him out. I’ve been trying to ask him, but I just get scared to because I’ve never dated a guy before. What should I do?”

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Commenters on the post urged the guy to make his feelings for the FWB known. “That sh*t is so cute,” one commenter wrote. “I would say something like ‘Hey, come on and be my boyfriend already.’”

Another user commented, “Just be direct. Fortune favors the bold, after all.”

And a third commenter wrote, “You said ‘FWB.’ Everything in your post suggests it is a lot more than that. I think you should openly ask him to be your boyfriend.”

The original poster promised to keep his fellow Redditors updated, so follow along on this thread to see how this quarantine romance evolves!

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