The Price Is Romney

Survey Says: Sugar Daddies Love Romney, Sugar Babies Sweet On Obama

A recent poll by sugar-daddy-snatching site,, reveals that over 10,000 of its wealthy American keepers of the kept prefer Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. According to today’s press release:

“While poorer female sugar babies had chosen Obama over Romney by 3 to 1 in an earlier poll, millionaires in America prefer Romney for President,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “What is significant is that millionaires who support Romney are more willing to contribute money to his campaign than are millionaires who support Obama. Romney will have a significant fund-raising edge with millionaires over Obama in this upcoming election.”

“Millionaires prefer Romney over Obama in almost every major state except for California, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Washington.  Even in Democratic strongholds such as Massachusetts, New York and even Illinois, Romney has done extremely well with millionaires,” says Mr. Wade who holds a BS and MBA from MIT. “Top five reasons millionaires prefer Romney are: Dissatisfaction with how Obama has handled the economy; Millionaires feel Romney will be a stronger President; Millionaires believe Romney has a better chance of balancing the budget; Millionaires believe Romney’s tax plan will cost them less; and Millionaires believe the Romney Presidency will be more business friendly.”

In short, millionaires see themselves in Mitt Romney and they think they look pretty damn good. And it should come as no surprise that people who think they can buy affection or attraction also believe in someone who thinks he can buy this election. We wouldn’t mind getting some of that sugar ourselves, though.

Winter’s coming and baby needs some sweet.