Super Banned


Spotlight-loving celebrity attorney Gloria Allred has teamed up with ex-NFL player Roy Simmons to accuse the league of denying him admittance to this past weekend’s Super Bowl because he is gay and infected with HIV. Personally, we’d be more concerned about being denied entrance to the Grammys than that little football game in the Motor City.

Say Simmons and Allred:

In a letter addressed to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Allred listed questions she said the NFL should answer, including whether Simmons’ request was denied because he no longer fit the image of an NFL player or whether the NFL “is inherently homophobic and prefers that a gay football player remain in the closet.”

The NFL said in a statement that people throughout the league are inundated with last-minute requests for Super Bowl game tickets, party invitations and press credentials. An NFL spokesman said some requests are handled by the league and others go through the public relations staff at the media center.

We think commissioner Tagliabue might have a pretty good excuse to give in denying those anti-gay accusations: “my own son is gay and PFLAG just loves me.” That’s right, play the gay son card, Paul.

Gay Ex-Giant Alleges Bowl Discrimination
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