Superhero Obama Saves America From All Evils! (Except Ours)

President Obama could be seen laughing at Jib-Jab’s latest animation at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner in D.C. last night, where the reception featured seven open bars! The Jib-Jabbers put Obama in a costume we’ve all painted him into: a superheros’ Lyrca, ha ha ha. He’s saving health care! and the economy! and ships from pirates! Noticeably absent from Jib-Jab’s imagining of Obama’s super powers? The ability to rescue gays from second-class citizenship. (His rainbow fly-by over Iraq is a bit misleading.) Well, everyone’s got their Kryptonite, right?


Here’s “PC guy” and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman delivering the headliner speech:

It’s Playboy and Daily Beast contributor Ana Marie Cox with Rachel Maddow:


And here’s Obama’s speech (in two parts):