Superhero Obama Saves America From All Evils! (Except Ours)

President Obama could be seen laughing at Jib-Jab’s latest animation at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner in D.C. last night, where the reception featured seven open bars! The Jib-Jabbers put Obama in a costume we’ve all painted him into: a superheros’ Lyrca, ha ha ha. He’s saving health care! and the economy! and ships from pirates! Noticeably absent from Jib-Jab’s imagining of Obama’s super powers? The ability to rescue gays from second-class citizenship. (His rainbow fly-by over Iraq is a bit misleading.) Well, everyone’s got their Kryptonite, right?


Here’s “PC guy” and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman delivering the headliner speech:

It’s Playboy and Daily Beast contributor Ana Marie Cox with Rachel Maddow:


And here’s Obama’s speech (in two parts):

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  • Namaste85

    As a working comedian myself, i thought obama’s material was pretty funny, true we all know hes no fierce advocate yada yada yada ect ect but judging the “jokes” only i laughed pretty good…now bring on the hate!

  • Namaste85

    …and the jib jab video was hilarious…and they laid it out pretty clearly, he doesnt have gays anywhere on his radar…

  • TANK


  • InExile

    Plenty of time to make jokes and have nice dinners with the left wing media elite, but no time to draft legislation like the repeal of DOMA, DADT, enact Hate Crimes, ENDA, and Civil Unions with full federal benefits. (yes, I know congress has to do that)

    At least he gave his respects to Hillary for her broken elbow. Imagine working so hard, your elbow breaks and she still has time to give State Department gay employees almost full federal benefits. It is astounding!

    WE need a superhero to get the Congress and Senate moving on legislation, please write you representatives.

  • dgz

    @Namaste85: you’re a comedian? from this day forward, i will expect you to bring the funny in all your comments. now, begin by making fun of tank’s anger management problem. ;)

  • Synnerman

    This must be where the Log Cabin Republicans went because common sense and political savvy definitely don’t dwell here.

  • Nickadoo

    No mention of his new “gay joke” about Brian Williams yet? Y’all are slipping.

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    @Namaste85: I think with all the S&M and leather daddies and black latex it wouldn’t be surprising if Obama mistook us as super VILLAINS. Lol!

    After all we should have seen it coming when he said BEARS were the greatest threat to America on Colbert.

  • sweetdog

    I thought the whole remark about rolling over and asking Brian Williams was pretty disgusting. Even if he had said Chris Matthews, who said that Obama gives him a tingle up his leg, the idea that he would make a gay joke is reprehensible. This is the most camera-hungry man I’ve ever seen. My ears hurt everytime he utters a word with an “s” in it. Enough already. As long as these Obama ass-kissing networks will give him airtime, he’ll take advantage. Thank god for the remote. I think I’d rather watch “The Bachelorette” than Howdy Doody. (Look at him. He kinda reminds you of him, doesn’t he? Now all we need is someone to play Buffalo Bob.)

  • Joanaroo

    Either Gibbs or Karl Rove could be Buffalo Bob. Rove would’ve seen no problem with a gay “joke”. I think Obama should’ve kept his mouth shut.

  • Tony

    Superhero. He is supa bayby jeezus savior Obama. Praise Obama. (Hands in air….)

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    He’s got W’s ears, Carter’s teeth and Reagan’s popularity. He’ll be a one-termer!

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