Supreme Court To Pro-Gay Schools: Shove It

gay army
The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that public college/university campuses must allow the US military to recruit on campus, even if the school objects to the military’s exclusionary policies against gays.

Certain liberally-minded schools had attempted to block military recruiters, in the hopes of sending a message to the US government that discrimination isn’t kosher. But the Supreme Court nipped that little movement in the bud, citing a law from 1996 that cuts federal funding from schools if they don’t cooperate with the military.
We find the military’s witch-hunt against the gays to be a bit troubling. We have long considered joining the military, since uniformed soldiers always get picked for Contestant’s Row on The Price Is Right. And we would clean up if Bob Barker would just give us a chance.

US colleges must allow military recruiters [UCSB]