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Suspect in brutal murder of gay student belonged to a neo-Nazi group, sources allege

20-year-old Samuel Woodward, the man charged with stabbing and murdering Blaze Bernstein, was a member of a neo-Nazi group, according to ProPublica.

The site reports three people who knew Samuel Woodward say the Newport Beach man belonged to the Atomwaffen Division, a Fascist group aspiring to overthrow the American government with weaponry and acts of terrorism.

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ProPublica said two of their sources were personal friends of Woodward’s. The third was an ex-member of the Fascist group, who said Woodward was active in both combat and firearm training.


No word from officials about Woodward’s alleged affiliation with Atomwaffen Division.

Talking to Los Angeles TimesJeanne Pepper Bernstein said she’d worried her son would be a victim.

“I’m concerned about the fact that he is Jewish,” she told the paper. “I’m concerned with the fact that he is gay or the fact that he is small.”

The body of 19-year-old Blaze Bernstein was discovered in a shallow grave in Borrego Park, a week after the Woodwards reported him missing on January 3rd.

Bernstein was a pre-med student  at University of Pennsylvania, and had been visiting his parents between semesters.

The student been stabbed more than 20 times. DNA evidence at the murder scene and in Woodward’s automobile led to Woodward’s arrest on January 12.


Samuel Woodward is scheduled to be arraigned February 2.

h/t: Los Angeles Times