Take This Poll And Shove It Up Your…

Take action! Speak out! We want to hear from you, the Queerty reader. Okay, there’s no social significance, we just think it’s really funny when famous people act like maniacs. And we’re not in their line of fire.

For today’s question:


Who is scarier: George Michael behind the wheel of a car, or an angry Naomi Campbell holding a cell phone?


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  • Ridwah

    George is sloppy, but Naomi is just evil.

  • Weston

    While I think that anyone behind a carwheel is dangerous, I’d have to say that Naomi Campbell holding a cell phone is more frightening. I would not want to come across that bitch anytime of day with any type of object in her hand whether it be a marshmellow, banana, and most definitely any type of electronic appliance.

  • Ryan

    I was going to say George Michael, just because you can’t help but be scared while looking into those “deer in the headlights” eyes.

  • The Ghost of Dorothy Gale

    Are you sure that’s George Michael?? ‘Cause that sure looks just like Slo Motion Shorty, the thousand-year-old ingénue that hangs out under the expressay overpass down the street from me: Same toothless maw, same stubby whiskers, same scraggly eyebrows, same startled expression that pulls the loose skin taut over that ancient skull — no doubt practiced in a mirror for days on end for just this sort of photo op. I can almost smell his urine-soaked boxer-briefs though my broadband connection. What a fabulously different take on a Judy Garland impersonation.

  • Navarchus

    How about George, fucked up with a cell-phone in his hand, driving a sweaty Naomi Campbell?

    Ew. I just grossed myself out.

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