Naugle Refuses To Give A Shit

Task Force Calls For Naugle Censure

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force wants to take Jim Naugle to task. They’ve asked the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to formally censure the mayor for his repeated verbal attacks on the gays.

Task Force’s fearless leader, Matt Foreman wrote to the Commission, saying:

Since a coalition of 17 state and national [gay] rights organizations first made a similar request in letters sent to the City Commission of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County Commission on Aug. 2, the mayor’s offensive actions have only escalated.

Just last week, for example, he joined with conservative clergy at a press conference to denounce sex between men as physically and morally risky. This is the latest in Mayor Naugle’s growing string of assaults on LGBT people — and he shows no signs of letting up. The mayor apparently enjoys playing the provocateur. He refuses to let it die, as it should.

Naugle, who recently got booted from his county’s tourism board, said he expects the Commission to heed Foreman’s call. And, of course, he doesn’t seem to give a fuck:

Now the commission is faced with `do they risk disappointing me or risk the temper tantrums of the radical homosexual community. They probably will not want to take that risk. I’ve never retaliated. Jim is just Jim. Knowing that my reaction will be a shrug — or being bombarded daily [by angry gay activists] — they’d rather risk a shrug than being bombarded daily.

If Naugle’s so resigned to losing this battle, why doesn’t he just give up and save his last shred of dignity? Maybe it’s already gone…