Taye Diggs Has A “Flaming Homosexual” Inside Him Ready For The World To See

taye-diggs-naked-new-girl-lightIt’s safe to assume Taye Diggs didn’t love being followed to his car by a TMZ reporter in a parking garage recently by the way he answered the question “How are you preparing for your upcoming role as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch?

“I’ve just got to memorize all the material first, and then take it from there.” Pure poetry.

But Taye wasn’t finished with the mock interview, and we love what came out of his beautiful mouth next.

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“I went through a stage when I was a drag queen in high school — 10th and 11th grade. I experimented with homosexuality, ass play. I worked the streets, male prostitution…I’m kidding.”

“So you’re prepared for this role, you were born to play it,” the relentless cameraman/heckler/pseudo-stalker asks.

“I have a flaming homosexual inside me, so I’m rearing to let that out.”

Taye takes over the Broadway dream-role from Darren Criss on July 22nd, grabbing the glittered baton from an impressive bunch — John Cameron Mitchell, Michael C. Hall, Andrew Rannells and Niel Patrick Harris.

Watch the exchange below, and be happy for a moment that you aren’t famous: