Taylor Claims He’s The (Not) Gay Victim

In a move that shocked absolutely nobody, Air Force Captain Devery L. Taylor denied drugging and raping six men. In a video-taped testimony, Taylor first insisted that he didn’t have sex with one of his accusers before fessing up and pointing the finger:

He initiated it. He was trying to get me down and he said I can tell on you if you don’t do this.

Again, we’re not lawyers, but this doesn’t seem like the strongest testimony. Forget the fact that he lied and then tried to rectify his perjury, we’re more concerned with the logic. Taylor claims that the man threatened to tattle on him if he didn’t have sex with him. So what would this man say? That Taylor refused to have prohibited gay sex with him?

Taylor denies all of the charges against him. We’re not convinced. And that creepy plasigrin ain’t helping things, either.