The Best Gay Conspiracy Theory EVER

A few days ago, the Atlanta Journal blog reported  that OUTWRite , the local gay’borhood’s book store, was struggling financially, and asked for volunteers. Between the Kindle, the Nook, and Amazon’s evil plan to sell every book on the planet, gayborhood bookstores have closed – and continue closing/struggling – at an alarming rate.

Although many comments pointed out this request was being made on behalf of a profit-minded owner, it was not, in fact, without precedent. Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia operates on a similar profit-with-volunteers model.

When we read hidden at Giovanni’s Room this past March, we met a retired teacher who spent a few hours a day behind the counter. He explained that it was a great way for him to keep in the mix. Given that, Giovanni’s Room is thriving, both as a bookstore and much-needed queer cultural space (Adam4Adam cannot possibly meet ALL your social needs).

However, in Atlanta, OUTWrite’s request pushed some buttons: the Christians flamed about gay domination (as if), suggesting that because American culture was awash with “gay inserts” (meaning, we guess, all gays are tops? is that really a problem? for a closeted Christian?), but the absolute best post was, typically, off-topic and so-so zany, we had to share it, and you can read Will Jones’ very intriguing & utterly original theory below:

Will Jones – Atlanta Jeffersonian Exegesis
May 26th, 2011
8:46 pm

What has the LGBT community done to raise awareness and outrage for the homosexual who came to the presidency hypocritically opposing gay marriage, was cheated into office exclusively by the Supreme Court’s Roman Catholic bloc, then welcomed his male prostitute/lover, James Guckert/”Jeff Gannon,” to his residence hundreds of times, with many “overnights?” The silence from the gay community was deafening about Bush’s hypocrisy and evil. Because he is “one of their own?”

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