The Best Gay Conspiracy Theory EVER

A few days ago, the Atlanta Journal blog reported  that OUTWRite , the local gay’borhood’s book store, was struggling financially, and asked for volunteers. Between the Kindle, the Nook, and Amazon’s evil plan to sell every book on the planet, gayborhood bookstores have closed – and continue closing/struggling – at an alarming rate.

Although many comments pointed out this request was being made on behalf of a profit-minded owner, it was not, in fact, without precedent. Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia operates on a similar profit-with-volunteers model.

When we read hidden at Giovanni’s Room this past March, we met a retired teacher who spent a few hours a day behind the counter. He explained that it was a great way for him to keep in the mix. Given that, Giovanni’s Room is thriving, both as a bookstore and much-needed queer cultural space (Adam4Adam cannot possibly meet ALL your social needs).

However, in Atlanta, OUTWrite’s request pushed some buttons: the Christians flamed about gay domination (as if), suggesting that because American culture was awash with “gay inserts” (meaning, we guess, all gays are tops? is that really a problem? for a closeted Christian?), but the absolute best post was, typically, off-topic and so-so zany, we had to share it, and you can read Will Jones’ very intriguing & utterly original theory below:

Will Jones – Atlanta Jeffersonian Exegesis
May 26th, 2011
8:46 pm

What has the LGBT community done to raise awareness and outrage for the homosexual who came to the presidency hypocritically opposing gay marriage, was cheated into office exclusively by the Supreme Court’s Roman Catholic bloc, then welcomed his male prostitute/lover, James Guckert/”Jeff Gannon,” to his residence hundreds of times, with many “overnights?” The silence from the gay community was deafening about Bush’s hypocrisy and evil. Because he is “one of their own?”

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  • Jacob Woods

    Sad to see how many bookstores will have to shut down because of online books outselling books in print. Interesting how much we can consume through a computer screen.

    Now will hackers be able to attack lgbt books if they wanted to? We probably have more protection over material then what was available during Kritallnacht and the book burnings. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Well let us hope that, like most conspiracy theories, this one is just as silly and absurd and untrue as so many others. Really, who in the LGBT community would want to count Bush as one of us. Yuck and puke.

  • dan4

    A congressman allegedly tweeted a picture of his erection to a college-age young woman last weekend. Do you plan to cover that story at all? Or do you only cover the embarrassing sexual mistakes of republicans?
    I think an elected official’s boner (even if it’s hidden under boxer-briefs), is just the kind of story Queerty would normally address.

  • RomanHans

    Mr. Jones is correct in reading something weird into the Bush/Gannon meetings, but the “silence of the gay community” was hardly “deafening.” In fact, my friend WolfBear and I wrote a piece about it called “Bush’s Horrible Boyfriend.” WB read it on his podcast Bear Soup, and it’s had a few thousand hits on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIQsz-wASqA).

    Or you can read it here: http://worldclassstupid.blogspot.com/2008/05/repeat-thursday-bushs-horrible.html

  • james_from_cambridge

    @dan4: Dan4, you stupid, stupid slut, the reason the media goes crazy over Republican sex scandals, especially the gay ones, is because your Party is awash in sexual hypocrisy. Your Party condemns Gays and sex in general, constantly yelping about family values while screwing anything that moves, boy or girl (and probably sheep). The Democrats like Weiner don’t moralize and don’t give a flying f*ck who you f*ck so the press doesn’t care, because Democrats aren’t hypocritical assholes like you. Get it now, dipsh*t??

  • Art Smith

    @RomanHans-*yawn* Who cares? Pics or it didn’t happen.

    I remember hearing about that when it happened but it was just a rumor then.

    I didn’t like Bush but I really don’t give a shit if he’s bisexual or gay but closeted like lots of Republicans are.

  • plaintom

    James: nicely stated, Bravo!

  • dan4

    James: You are a stupid and ridiculous cunt! If you haven’t noticed, the media and politicians from all parties ARE paying attention to this story. Even Chris Tingles Matthews threw WEINER under the bus tonight. Why? Because it’s relevant when an elected official of ANY party posts a picture of his erection, lies about it, incriminates innocent parties, refuses to contact law enforcement, lawyers up, and then can’t say “with certitude” that the picture is or isn’t him.

    If this kind of congressman is the best voice in Congress we can have, we’re ALL screwed, regardless of our party or orientation. DO YOU GET THAT YOU PARTISAN CUM RAG?

    Now, Queerty: When are you going to cover this story? After he resigns, or his wife leaves him? After more porn stars and college coeds come forward to say they’ve been exchanging messages with him? After he finally admits that he’s been lying this whole week and it IS his boner, afterall? After more pictures get posted? It’s a big story. (Not HUGE, as we’ve all seen now.) But don’t get left high and dry.


  • james_from_cambridge

    @dan4:Wrong again cumwad. The American people don’t give a fuck what anyone does in the privacy of their bedroom (or sometimes in the Oral, er, Oval Office. Remember how Clinton’s approval rating went thru the roof after his blowjob from Ms. Lewinsky? Americans like sex and their public officials who have it unapologetically!)unless the politician who’s fucking around is engaging in the old “do as I say, not as I do”. Hypocrisy is what pisses people off, not sex, you stupid, right-wing piece of shit.

  • dan4

    James: Your favorite congressman (and his hard leaning left erection and ideology) will be out of office soon. Or at LEAST completely silenced and marginalized and unable to go on any network outside of MSNBC without hearing the word “certitude.” But YOU think Americans don’t care about integrity. Sure……

    JOB WELL DONE, ANDREW BREITBART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan4

    Queerty: I just saw that you finally mentioned WEINER-GATE in a story. (Albeit indirectly.) THANKS! And sorry, James you dumb cunt! Looks like this story isn’t going away anytime soon.

    Laughing last.

  • james_from_cambridge

    @dan4: You are one pathetic little GoProud piglet. Enjoy licking the ass of a Party that loathes you and wants you dead, you shitty little Uncle Tom.

  • jake

    Bush’s being gay is not that big of a secret. The fact that there was a gay male prostitute in the WH press corps and someone who frequently visited the website was well established but not reported in the media. Simply google Bush Gay Male prostitute bulldog and you’ll find the story.

  • dan4

    James, I hope you enjoy living on your knees sucking off a party of ASSHOLES and hypocrites that completely take you for granted and will NEVER (even when they have overwhelming majorities in Congress AND the White House), do EVERYTHING they can to fight for our civil rights! They take you for granted every single day.

    Unlike this lying congressman, I can say with great certitude that you are a pathetic and ignorant cunt!

  • Jeffree

    Oh, does that mean GWB *wasn’t* doing Condi Rice in the Lincoln bedroom, after all. I’m sure Laura appreciated any person, male or female, who kept George from clawing at her.
    — — —
    LGB bookstores serve as more than a place to stock up on dic-lit & chai lattes; the better ones hold readings by Queer writers, host book clubs, and serve as a meeting place for other groups. The staff often are a great source of recommendations on what to read — and what not to wear!
    Exact quote: “Dear boy, those shorts are entirely too long for you!” [and she was right]

  • dan4

    Jake: When that story broke, lots of us wondered why it ever died! And who killed it. A male prostitute in the press corps is a huge deal.

    Jeffree: Condi’s lesbian lover, Randi Bean, might have had a problem with that. They’re a worst-kept secret among Republicans. It’s inconvenient for people like James-from-Cum-Rag, but I’ve never known one conservative to call for her beheading.

  • james_from_cambridge

    Dan, oh Dan. It must actually hurt to be as vapid and ugly as you are. Physically and psychically. Only a real brainwashed, Zombie Reagan-loving asshole can do the mental cartwheels necessary to justify being gay and a Republican. Or more likely you’re just a whore who’ll sell his soul to the highest bidder. Pathetic little shit stain.

  • dan4

    James: How’s the hope and change working out for you? Married yet?


  • Red Meat

    So people want to save trees but are disappointed less books are being made? Yay logic.

  • james_from_cambridge

    @dan4: I could marry…I live in Massachusetts. I love the hope and change and will vote for it again. Any other questions you self-loathing, shit-eating fat ass?

  • Queer Supremacist

    50% of the men in the GOP are gay. And that’s a conservative estimate.

    @james_from_cambridge: What hope? What change?

    I love the smell of ad hominem in the morning. I haven’t seen this much psychological projection since I last went to the movies.

    You could get married but who’d want to be married to a drooling Obamunist camel-fucker lover like you?

  • dan4

    “I could get married. But no one will marry me since my breath smells like ass and Hot Pockets. And that marriage has no meaning in our country. Even though I voted for a president who’d never accomplished anything in his pathetic life. And even though that sad fucking presidential wannabe had control of both houses of Congress. But I could get married….. Besides, I’d rather spend my evening trolling around queer sites spewing Democratic and Obama talking points. Hope and Change!”

    James-from-Cum-Rag is brilliant! Did you notice, by the way, that your favorite arrogant progressive congressmen is going down big time. (And not in a good way.) Even his old roommate Jon Stewart canned his ass tonight. So, you keep defending the indefensible. I’ll keep having the LAST HUGE FUCKING LAUGH! Because guess what: This is AMERICA, and we DO care about this kind of bullshit! (If you DON’T care about it: MOVE!)


  • james_from_cambridge

    @Queer Supremacist: @dan4: Clearly you and Queerboy there are two pathetic peas in a smelly pod. Keep justifying voting for the teabagging idiots who want to wipe you off the face of the Earth. You both need a Darwin award, stat. Have a lovely night douchenozzles!

  • dan4

    James-from-Cum-Rag: I WILL have a great night! Not alone, unlike you! Enjoy your hot pockets.

    And I think between these two threads tonight that we ALL know who the intelligent and independent-thinking people are. And you are NOT in that group, you retarded and partisan cunt!

    (I only say that with some small hope that one day you and millions of other dumb fucks will wake up and not think exactly how Barney Frank, Nanci Pelosi, Barack Obambi, and Congressman WEINER tell you to – you are a 21st century slave and don’t even fucking know it. Pretty fucking pathetic.)

  • james_from_cambridge

    @dan4: Oh, I forgot to say God bless you and please die in your sleep tonight you piece of human garbage. Toodles bitch!!

  • divkid

    begs to differ…
    the BEST gay conspiracy? two words: SIMON. COWELL.
    — why will no one in the media call it for what it is?! got$$ me NO idea.

    the second biggest gay cospiracy: RYAN. SEACREST.
    — $$ame.

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: LOL Cowell is about to get married to a woman, and Seacrest has a bf. But…well…yes. You are right about them, and about why nobody says anything.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    I love the bickering here between James and Dan, but I gotta say it: Dan comes out on top, since he cites specifics instances in which the dems and Obama-Christ have pledged to be our saviours, but turn out to be unwilling to risk their reputations to defend the homos. I believe their excuse for not being pro-gay yet is that they’re “evolving.”

    And to address this theory of Bush being gay . . . say WHAT?!? If this were the case, how come the gay community was his constant enemy throughout his term? You guys will defend a criminal like Bradley Manning because he’s anti-American, but spout negativities toward a gay president? Give me a break. Sounds like some people just cannot let go of their hatred of all things past and irrelevant: Bush, Rice, Palin, Cheney . . . if only they’d try living in the present and apply all that anger to something current and relevant. Like Anthony Weiner’s weiner.

  • ewe

    We need to stop allowing ourselves to be labeled “gays.” I never have heard the term “whites” or “straights” being thrown around the same way in which “gays” and “blacks” is. The straight white male is forever labeling everyone different in order to not identify himself. Think about it. I am reading an article right now that says “gays line up for licenses” in chicago referring to civil unions. Have you ever or would you ever see a headline saying “straights do this or that” or “whites line up for this or that?” NO!! But you have seen “blacks are this or that” and “gays are this or that” We must address this second class status.

  • RomanHans

    @Art Smith: Go back to masturbating and leave words to the smart folks.

  • robert in NYC

    Republican publisher, psychopathic liar, Andrew Breitbart, who has been disproved countless numbers of times is the one fueling the Weiner incident, but he was pretty quiet when serial adulterers Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani’s sordid pasts (both pro family and one man one woman marriage nonsense supporters) became public knowledge.

    I’d love to know what the Tea Party (Republicans) are going to do about marriage equality, ENDA among others for LGBT people? If GOProud is anything to go by, precious little. It doesn’t even support marriage equality while its equally self-loathing leader, Chris Barron married his boyfriend in DC last year. Its beyond hypocrisy but what can we expect from republicans, especially the gay variety who vote for and support anti-gay politicians, year in, year out. GOProuders were also in lockstep with the GOP to maintain DADT. Has anyone in the GOP sponsored or authored any equality legislation or intends to? If not, why not if it claims to be so inclusive? The Democrats are by no means perfect and in fact some are cowards, but I’d rather have them (I’m a Green) than the other bunch of psycho talkers who are the GOP who want to keep us separate and unequal, permanently.

  • dan4

    CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, POLITICO, MEDIAITE, RealClearPolitics, Talking Points Memo, Washington Post, NYT, New York Daily News, The Times of London,and the list goes on and on and on: ALL parts of Andrew Breitbart’s vast right-wing conspiracy, according to @robert in NYC!


    Meanwhile, partisan and unthinking liberals and progressives on these queer sites keep making dumbASS excuses for Congressman Weiner! Give up, people. It’s making you look truly retarded. And those of us who hate WEINER and EVERY fucking thing he stands for are being vindicated EVERY fucking hour. Even Anderson Cooper and Thomas Roberts are ALL over this story last night and today. I love it.


    Begala suggested “wake me when we have a real sex scandal.” Yet Cooper smartly followed-up with Begala, asking him “if this was a conservative Republican, would you be saying the same thing?”


  • dan4

    And thanks @Politically Incorrect Thug! It’s good to meet another free-thinking person here. We all have to post more often on this and other LGBT sites. Those who are questioning the destructive dogma and ideology of the Democratic Party and their failed agenda MUST know we all exist and that it’s OKAY to question why this community continues to support leaders who fail them at every turn. Especially in the past few years. We have options, and it is SMART and BRAVE to explore them.

    On another note: I have NO idea where I went wrong with @James-from-Cum-Rag! He seems like an awesome guy. A real catch…..

  • asa1973

    @dan4: @james_from_cambridge: Get a room and fuck each other already. The PDA is not attractive…

  • gregger

    @dan4: as much as I like to see the alleged foibles of the Republican Party, you have a point.

  • gregger

    @dan4: Now you just lost me. Anyone singing the praises of Andrew Bratwurst has no ground to cast stones at anyone else.

  • dan4

    gregger: I’m just pointing out the idiocy of @robert in NYC’s Breitbart attack. This clearly isn’t just being covered by Breitbart and the new conservative media. In fact, the worst thing Congressman WEINER did in the past 2 days was call a CNN producer a “jackass.” CNN and all of the MSM took off their kid gloves at that point started seriously poining out JUST how absurd he’s been this week and just how absurd his non-answers are. Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer part of a vast right-wing conspiracy? Crazy.

    I get that people on the left hate Breitbart. But they need to stop blaming him when he’s able to expose some GREAT stories. Heck, even Chris Matthews sided with him yesterday when Joan Walsh TRIED (and failed) to bring up the Shirrod case. When the left hates what Breitbart is exposing (in this case a picture of an arrogant progressive congressman’s erection), they try to make the story about Breitbart. That’s pathetic.


  • gregger

    @dan4: Umm, no you misunderstand. YOU brought up Breitbart, no one before you, “JOB WELL DONE, ANDREW BREITBART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That being lost all credibility by his own actions. Brietbart deliberately distorted via editing video tape and outright lied in the Sherrod (sic) case. That was an attempt to smear a federal agency and by association and his own words, the entire Obama presidency. He lied, he got caught, and never admitted his actions.

    Now it seems that Senor Bratwurst has his minions involved in this. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/06/leaked_emails_show_tip_to_breitbart_about_weiner_t.php I find this very interesting. One of this jackhole’s minions is conveniently able to see a “private tweet” to a follower, whom he is not a friend to, and this minion is able to do a screen capture and then leak it to Breitbart. That’s so very convenient.

    So tired of right wing BS!!

  • dan4

    gregger: Um, no YOU don’t understand. You might not have heard that ACORN had to stop doing their fraudulent business. That they’ve lost NUMEROUS lawsuits and are OUT OF BUSINESS! (That is not a legitimate organization, in the eye of the LAW!)

    Breitbart and his colleagues made up NOTHING. ACORN no longer exists (in its pre-Breitbart form) because they are an illegal arm of the Democratic Party.

    And, about the racist Shirley Sherrod: I addressed that above. Or, I should say, left-wing water carrier Chris Matthews covered it for me. OBAMBI fired her. And she’s racist. There are currently hundreds of black farmers prepared to go to court to testify that that racist bitch has been defrauding our government (and hating white farmers) for DECADES! The Pigford Settlement?! It’s going to be AWESOME. Stay tuned. You clearly only listen to left-wing propaganda!


    GO ANDREW BREITBART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And fuck the left-wing retards who don’t understand they’re getting played for complete idiots and slaves.

  • dan4

    Gregger: And PLEASE keep finding new ways to come to Congressman WEINER’S defense. PLEASE! It’s making the left look more and more foolish every minute.

    At some point, you guys will HAVE to stop blaming Breitbart for this progressive hero congressman making a HUGE mistake and making it FAR WORSE in the past week. But keep defending him. Go ahead.


  • tjr101

    dan4 is drinking way too much Faux News Kool-Aid!

  • tjr101

    @dan4: Your obsession with this story is a bit disturbing, do you beat off to the pic? LOL

  • ptboat

    Um, Obama has never said that he was pro same sex marriage. Indeed, he has said the opposite; however, the Republican Party has made great strides in not only opposing our right to marriage, but in working toward limiting our rights all together. For a party that touts small government, it is interesting that this is a party that has passed more directly intrusive laws to our personal freedoms, this year, than ever before. Of course, the previous administration, which is the one that was full of closeted gay men who were working to destroy not only our freedoms, but our reputations as humans. Remember, this was an administration that was unhappy about Lawrence V Texas. It’s also the administration that would allow no descent and was known to follow and wire tap gay activists.

    If the Obama administration were to just sit still and remain neutral on the gay issue, they would be light years ahead of the troglodytes who currently run the Republican party. Yet, he has not and we have seen the repeal of DADT.

    Outright is a great bookstore and was there when it was even more difficult to be gay in Georgia. I hope that it can survive this time and can restructure itself as an important center for the young gay community that is not a pick up bar.

  • gregger

    @dan4: No, you seem to conveniently forget that the Acorn workers called the police on that walking piece of shite who later got busted for attempting to bug a Federal Elected Official’s office. They might have done a great deal of things that were not correct but they called the cops on that piece of shite dressed as a pimp and giving the story of importing underage hookers.

    You’re still going on believing the distorted Breitbart version of the Shirley Sherrod tape. Watch the whole thing you ignorant turd! While you’re at it you might want to stop sucking Breitbart off to get your information.

    You Conservatnothings have not a GD clue in your ignorant heads about truth or honor. You enjoy manipulating and distorting the truth. If it’s not the truth it’s a lie, wake the Hell up.

    Andrew Brietbart is a pathological liar who no one of any decent repute pays any attention to, other than RethugliKKKan jackholes.

    You and your ilk are not worthy or saying “fuck” so I’ll just say DROP DEAD!!

  • dan4

    tjr101: LOL! Is there anything wrong with enjoying seeing a good looking congressman’s erection? Or watching his dumb and blind followers try to find new and even more ignorant ways to say it isn’t him or that it’s someone else’s fault? LOL!

  • gregger

    @dan4: that should be “worthy of saying ‘fuck'”

  • dan4

    gregger: The complete record of the illegal ACORN and that racist bitch Shirrod is PUBLIC. For those of us interested in knowing the whole truth instead of the liberal propaganda. (You’re not in that group, obviously, retard.)


  • dan4

    Congress finally cut off federal funding to ACORN after the controversy stirred by conservative activist James O’Keefe who videotapped various ACORN offices advising a prostitute to hide her profession in order to get federal housing funding. The “prostitute” was in truth an investigative reporter working with O’Keefe.

    ACORN tried to sue James O’Keefe but its lawsuit was thrown out.



  • ptboat

    Um, as of four days ago, the judge made a ruling refusing to throw the case out for technical reasons claimed by O’Keefe. Here is the actual ruling. The case you’re talking about was only about Congress’ right to end funding as it sees fit, regardless of whether or not it was brought on by a fraudulent smear campaign.


  • ptboat

    Excuse me, that was 7 days ago.

  • dan4

    ptboat: So, Congress de-funded an illegal group. That group sued to get their money back. And they lost?! And numerous state and local ACORN officials have been brought up on charges! (Google Nevada ACORN! Or see the link below.)

    Sure, they’re VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Priceless liberal spin.)

    Who CARES about O’Keefe? Not me. (Although, as YOU and I know, his case is FAR from over in the courts. As your link proves.) I care about ACORN getting de-funded and spending the last 2 years TRYING to re-organize. Completely ineffectively! They are DEAD! And it is ONLY because of Breitbart and new conservative media exposing them.



  • dan4

    And in WEINER news, it’s official: The ONLY people still defending that retarded congressman (and trying to blame it on ANYONE but him!) are the idiots on these queer and other left-wing blogs.

    Anthony’s former roommate and friend just threw him under the bus. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    So for those of you keeping tally on who is and isn’t defending Rep. Weiner in the great summer caper known as “Weinergate,” it’s pretty safe to say the Congressman just lost Jon Stewart. It might be time to rethink that PR strategy.


  • tjr101

    @dan4: Hate to dent your love affair with right-wing activists but apparently they don’t just hate on black people, they’re aren’t into the gays either.
    It must feel lonely to be the only Breibart fan on the thread!

  • dan4

    tjr101: I’m PERFECTLY okay being a one-man truth squad among the retarded and misinformed! BRING IT!

    Public thanks to Jon Stewart for officially joining Breitbart’s vast right-wing conspiracy!

  • ptboat

    Excuse me, but I was just pointing out that you made an incorrect statement about the case that was being made against O’Keefe. The rest of the words that you put into it were your own and rather pointless.

  • tjr101

    @dan4: Truth according to you, ok…LOL

  • ptboat

    Dan, you’d do much better to put forward facts and remove the childish statements if you want to be taken seriously. For now, I’ll leave you to the sandbox and your playground logic.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @dan4: Since you mentioned Robert In NYC defending racists (he’s also pro-camel fucker), here’s a blast from the past:


    Kike Letterman, your orthodox/hassidim cult members have advocated for our death not just here but in Israel too. I don’t regret or retract one word about the holocaust in the context in which I had written, namely the two jewish sects referenced previously, not progressive jews of which you are not one. I do deplore and condemn the holocaust but not for people like those mentioned or any of other religous cults who think the same way. Fuck your stupid prayers, a total waste of time from filth like you. Your not even fit to be shit on the bottom of my shoe.

    It gets better:


    Hey Kike Letterman, fuck you again! FYI you can’t even read English. Show me where I sad you were an orthodox or hassidic kike? I used those as examples of your fucked up cult and belief system.
    I’ve been in a thriving monogomous 16 year relationsip, so I’m far from lonely, fucktard. Drop dead, you filthy piece of human detritus.

    And better:


    Kike, drop dead! If you and your ugly fucking wife were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on you but add fuel. Again, drop dead!


    Actually dumbass kike, the pissing reference came from straight Irish friend of mine, you fucking moron. Yeah, you’d rather burn than be pissed on? You fucking psycho talking liar. Anyone in their right mind would choose life over death. Its you who is irrational now, you fucking idiot.

    Granted, the guy he was attacking was homophobic, but what do you expect from goyim? Tolerance? Acceptance? Understanding?

    And as for you, James From Inside Obama’s Asshole: your Muslim-loving President Hussein is now complicit in aiding and abetting Muslim Imperialism with their illegal occupation of Israel.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Queerty is the Gay Stormfront. Where’s resident Nazi Bill Perdue these days? Still sitting shiva for Bin Laden?

    Progressivism is a lie.

  • dan4

    “Progressivism is a lie.”

    AMEN! And we MUST do everything we can to expose it – including posting the TRUTH on sites like this so that people who think like us but are AFRAID to speak out KNOW THEY HAVE OPTIONS! We also MUST use their own HATE and VITRIOL against them. BRING IT, FUCKERS! Cause this party is JUST GETTING INTERESTING!

    @ptboat: You’ve proven you’re not interested in any truth found outside of Daily Kos, George Soros’ media empire, and Rachel Maddow’s cunt. So, I’ll pass on any fucking advice from you. But thanks!

  • dan4

    @Queer Supremacist:

    We clearly need to be friends! Thanks for fighting the good fight! We will win. Guaranteed.

  • robert in NYC

    Ptboat….Quite! I’d like to know which of the Tea Party (Republican), Civil Libertarian (Republican) Fox faux news apologists are going to draft any equality legislation once elected? If so, who are they and what have they done for LGBT lately? Which bills have they supported lately? Lets not forget that GOProud does not support marriage equality as far as its agenda is concerned and prior to DADT repeal, supported the majority of republicans to keep it legal. Its leader, Chris Barron, married his partner in DC last year, yet opposes supporting same-sex marriage. That’s how disgusting and harmful they are to the rest of us.

    If they hate government so much, why aren’t republican members of both houses Tea Party members refusing their federally funded health care plan as well as pensions for life once they leave political office including medicare and social security? I wonder if their parents are medicare recipients and if they are, why? They should go out and find private health insurance for themselves and if denied because of a pre-existing condition, tough! Let their anti-government offspring pay for them.

    If a republican tea partyer or civil libertarian lost everything they had, including everything in their portfolios for those who have them, how would they access health care? Emergency rooms? And who would pay for that? Surely not the government, so who then? The Koch brothers?

  • StudioTodd

    Whether the pic is or is not actually Weiner’s, why the fuck does anyone care? What does his cock have to do with anything?

    Did his cock lie to congress? Did his cock accept a bribe? Did his cock do anything illegal?

    I understand that America gets all titillated and flustered and finds it hard to think straight when it comes to anything associated with cock, but for fuckssake–Weiner’s cock is not important!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @dan4: I’ve tried many times to point out the obvious hypocracy constantly spewing from the left (i.e., a Republican congressman involved in a sexual scandal is MSM fodder for months of high-fiving, but a Democratic congressman caught up in a similar scandal is simply a “victim of right-wing conspiracies”), but I’ve found that, regardless of how much common sense you parade before them, liberals are the human equivalent of lemmings: they’ll think however the powers that be tell them to think. Logic means nothing to them; it’s all about ideology. Obama is against same-sex marriage, and yet they still grovel at his feet as “the pro-gay president”. Robert Byrd refers to blacks as “niggers” and the response from the left was, “Oh, he’s just old.” They think the word “hate” applies to everything and everyone . . . except fellow libs, who are some of the most hateful creatures out there. The hypocracy is stunning, especially when “proud” gay people think it’s an insult to imply that Bush was gay. Consistency is not one of the left’s strong points (along with honesty, integrity, patriotism, fairness, responsibility, etc).

  • robert in NYC

    No. 65, all of this conspiracy nonsense aside….as a Green supporter, I’m not being flippant in fact serious, but can you tell me who in the GOP/Tea Party supports marriage equality? If the Civil Libertarians gain any ground, and probably won’t, who among them is going to support and legislate for equality if they win in 2012? ENDA, marriage equality in particular, allowing foreign born partners of Americans be allowed to reside legally, the same as their hetero counterparts? I’d like to know who they are exactly and why we’re not hearing from them? Whom from the Log Cabin and GOProud will be allowed a place on the platform to address FULL equality during the conventions next year? I hope we see some for the first time. I was of the impression that the GOP and their offshoots, are all about inclusion and do not believe in discrimination of any kind which makes no sense because the majority of them opposed repeal of DADT. In my state in December 2009, NOT one republican voted for marriage equality and that figure is not about to change so drastically. I’d like to know what this inclusion is supposed to be about. It just doesn’t add up given their track record on anything resembling equality-related issues.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 65…I just learned that a new Quinniapac poll puts support for marriage equality at its highest number on record, ergo 58% in NY State.

    According to the New York Daily News: “Voters in the survey backed legalizing marriage between same-sex couples 58-36%, ‘higher than ever while statistically unchanged from 56-38% April 14.’ Once again, we see a split along party lines: Democrats support legalization 72-23%, independents back it 58-34% and GOP voters are opposed, 64-34%. Men support same-sex marriage 58-37%; women, 59-34%.”

  • Shannon1981

    I do not understand why the righties refuse to see that the GOP is the obviously more anti gay parties. Nobody is denying that the Democrats have anti gay members. However, NOM, FOTF, FRC, and all the rest of the haters actively working against us are all active GOPers/Tea Partiers. It is fact. Get over it and stop being Uncle Toms and right apologists on gay websites. Go to Gay Patriot or GOProud, where they are just as deluded and hypocritical as you are.

    Let us see…homophobia/hate groups, racism…emails depicting the White House with a watermelon patch for the song, the “Barack the Magic Negro” song, the email from elected OC Committee Official Marilyn Davenport depicting Barack Obama, family portrait style, as an ape baby, with ape parents- need I go on? You don’t shit like that from the left. Give it up, gay Rethugs. You are apologists and Uncle Toms with no real justification for your voting practices.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @robert in NYC: Granted, you’re absolutely 100% correct on the issue of intolerance from the right, an unforunate fact due to the recruiting of evangelicals from the Republicans. Religious radicals almost always will do anything to silence us, which is why I abhor a religious politician, however . . . the groups recruited by the left aren’t any better when it comes to the rights of gays (as well as women): muslims, blacks, wookies, hispanics, they’d all just as soon see us dead. It’s the moderates we need to engage, not the extremists (goddam wookies), and we’re succeeding brilliantly on that front, so instead of so much infighting, let’s just keep moving ahead a step at a time.

  • robert in NYC

    Politically Incorrect Thug. yes, I agree, we do need to engage moderates on both sides of the aisle. Not everyone in the Democratic Party is liberal either, although the preponderance of them are in the GOP, a lot of work to be done for sure. We have to somehow wean them off this fearing the backlash from their constituents. In politics, minorities are in every conservative district. Their votes don’t count apparently or their rights. The sooner republicans and democrats learned that, the better. Sometimes it calls for sticking one’s neck out and doing the right thing. Sadly, many of them don’t. Their careers are far more important than a minority’s basic civil rights. Under the 14th amendment, a minority’s rights must be guaranted and we’ve seen far too often, violation after violation by those who represent us, in both parties.

  • dan4

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – President Lyndon B. Johnson

    The truth shall set you all free! Face it: The Democratic Party has been about them and NOT us. And the progressive/liberal agenda has done nothing productive for America or for ANY minority individual or community. That is a fucking FACT!

  • ewe

    We need a gay political party that welcomes everyone but emphasizes gay rights. Just like the repuglycunts who are a white party that welcomes only the religious right and a few token african americans for show and tell. It would be a start.

  • Troy McClure

    It’s sad how much the quality of Christopublican asshole-turf has declined. But, ya gotta give these dipshit god-botherers and Palin-bot greedy fucks credit for continuing to attack even when they’re shown to be wasting their time (and the repigs’ money) even as they try and fail to impersonate their “enemy.”

    Of course, gay people can be assholes too, and chickens can vote for Colonel Sanders, if they hate themselves enough. And if money is your only reason for living, you are a piece of shit, regardless, certainly not human.

    (This is the part where you can call me faggot and get your wimpy fat ass kicked if you can drop the Hostess ding-dongs and get out of your mom’s basement for a minute, if your beady little eyes can still handle daylight, which I doubt.)

    Pull out your baby jesus butt plug and suck on it, fool. You and your holy (shit) “leaders” chose to attack a highly-educated and HIGHLY creative group, even as your tard leaders are child molesters because adults don’t get scared of invisible men who worry about who fucks who. You are filled with self-hatred.

    Those who actually read the buy-bull become atheists. Now, stick the Baby Jesus buttplug back in your stupid, stupid ass and stick your fucking head in an oven.

  • robert in NYC

    Troy McClure, right on! These oxymoronic gay republican tea party civil libertarians actually believe they have their full equality. GOProud is just one classic example of that.

    If they lost their jobs, their homes, all the money they had and their health insurance, who would they turn to for health care if their parents couldn’t help them, or any other relative for that matter? They can’t go to emergency rooms because that would be irresponsible and taking handouts, not the republican way. What if nobody would employ them because they were gay or perceived to be gay I wonder? I suspect they would support that.

  • Sylphon

    @dan4: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • mintu kumar

    This is a must see video… you have you prepare yourself and your loved ones before it’s too late.

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