The Bizarre Park Sex Cruising Murder That Left 2 Dead In Colorado

Are you up to date with this week’s news surrounding LGBT murders? No? My my, you must’ve been busy reading Sarah Palin’s Twitter account. So here’s what you missed: Devin Downey, 19, allegedly killed Pedro Solis-Astorga, 45, who he supposedly had sex with at a park in Pueblo, Colorado, because he didn’t want his friends to find out he’s a big ‘mo. Downey says that although they had consensual sex once, Solis-Astorga tried to rape him that night, so Downey’s friend William Baros Jr. murdered him in self-defense, though Downey got a few hits in. (Baros would end up dead himself later on; Downey insists it was a self-inflicted gunshot would, which took place after the twosome and another friend got drunk that night at Baros’ house. Ahem.) And secondly there’s Lucky Ward, a 46-year-old homeless man, accused of killing trans woman Gypsy (nee Carlos) Rodriguez last year — after DNA connected him to four strangulations and possibly others in the Houston area.