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The ‘Born This Way’ Dance Routine Featuring NOH8 Is Pretty Damn Awesome

Know what two gay staples are played out beyond belief? Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and the NOH8 Campaign. You know something has reached its peak when it gets parodied to within an inch of its life. But when you merge Gaga with NOH8, as choreographer Chris Downey and his co-director Dano Cerny did, well, you get something pretty terrific all on its own.

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  • Kev C

    Express yourself

  • Lady Gaga

    Fuck yourself

  • Spike

    Bastards!!!! I’m starting to like this song. Damn you GAGA!!!

  • Alex

    This is actually way better than lady gagas vid

  • DJ

    The only good part of this video is the kiss at 2:02. The stills were pretty cool too I guess. But the best part was 2:03 lol

  • redball

    My best part was 1:19 juuuust right of of center screen ;-)

    The dancing was fierce. I wish it had been 75% dancing instead of ~30-40% dancing. A

    lso fierce: the photography and colors, such as during the gold-colored sequence.

    And the guy & girl posing to form NOH8 by the combination of their painted bodies–NOW THAT IS ICONOGRAPHY, BABY! They could seriously sell stills of that as posters, as a fundraiser.

  • Jeffree

    This video is waaaay better than the original. It almost makes me like the song. (I’m not a Gaga hater at all, just not a fan of the music….) Some very fine looking dancers there [insert howling & scratching sounds here]

    @Redball: You are so right about the iconography.

  • Max Campbell

    This video kak by pokazyvaet 4to ty eblan!

  • Spike


    Agreed, that body painting was BRILLIANT, I’d pay $100 for a poster of that, assuming it would all go toward the No on 8 effort . . . or rather 4 stills that lead to the final shot . . . damn us gays are a creative bunch.

  • HD Gay Vids

    3:15 is awesome !

  • Magdalene Herring

    Check out the pictures from the video!!!!

  • afterschool

    this is special

  • John P

    How many so you think you can dance contestants are there in this video?

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