The Daily Screeve*: Amanda Lepore, No More

amanda lepore 1.jpeg
• The Amanda Lepore doll is harder to get than the Tickle Me Elmo at Christmastime. We’re devastated that we don’t have one. [M.O.] (Not Safe For Work…we think, although we’re not sure if the pic is of her or a doll)

• “She’s A Bitch” video spectacular. Lots of naughty words, so if you play it at work, make sure the volume is reeeeeally low. [FilmExperience]

Naomi Campbell arrested for abusing yet another assistant. And we’re not ashamed to admit we’d like to apply for the job. Getting beat up by Naomi Campbell sounds fantastic. [Dlisted]

Busta Rhymes freaks out on a gay fan. And DMX helps write Busta’s new gay-hating lyrics. Gross. [Rod 2.0]

• Auditions for Above The Line: The Search For America’s Next Music Video Director. Ever notice how the more insignificant the contests become, the longer their titles? [Jossip]

*“Skreeve” is British gay slang for “writing.” If Madonna can become British overnight, then so can we.