The Daily Skreeve*: Willie Nelson On LOGO

Willie Nelson‘s instant camp-classic video “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond Of Each Other).” It’s no secret we love Willie Nelson so so much. [The Malcontent]

• It looks like The Manolo‘s new-ish blog Manolo For The Men is finally in full swing. We’ll have to keep our eyes on that one. [ManoloMen]

• Speaking of male gorgeousness: new skin care line for the mens of color. [Rod 2.0]

• And some unapologetic pictures of Andy Roddick. [SocialiteLife]

• The first all-gay theme park to open in Malaysia. We picture little fairies and evil queens running around everywhere. Which whould make it look a lot like our offices here at Queerty. [PAYOR]

• …that reminds us, Gay Days at Disney World is coming up–and honestly, the best pictures are on the site. We’d like to thank them for doing such good work! Very sexy, and Not Safe For Work.

*”Skreeve” is gay slang for “writing.” If Madonna can become British overnight, than so can we.

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