Before Nicki vs. Mariah: 6 Diva Feuds That Rocked Pop Music

Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston (may she rest) owned the 1980s, racking up over $20 million in sales and seven consecutive Number One hits with her first two albums. But the 1990s saw her struggling to find her way, a path made even more difficult by the arrival of a young eight-octave upstart with a deafening whistle register. Rumors persisted that Whitney and Mariah didn’t get along, until the two decided to clear the air—in song!—with the duet “When You Believe.”

Then again, sometimes rumors are simply just rumors, as Mariah told Vibe in 1998 : “When I came out people had comments. That had a lot to do with producers she [Whitney] had worked with. When you’re a young girl, you don’t have control, and you’re being marketed as the New Little Diva…We never had any issues between us. The media and everybody made it an issue.”