Before Nicki vs. Mariah: 6 Diva Feuds That Rocked Pop Music


Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim

This is clearly not Nicki’s first time at the diva-feud rodeo: When Minaj giggled her way onto the scene a few years ago, effectively filling with her ample assets the throne Lil’ Kim had left vacant, the Queen Bee got her stinger ready. Kim’s an old pro at beef—her longstanding rivalry with Foxy Brown resulted someone getting shot and Kim spending a year in jail—and recognized a chance for a comeback when she saw it. The Bionic Booty quickly fired off a Black Friday mixtape that dissed Minaj, and later tweeted that its sales made her the “#1 seller on PayPal ever.”

To which Nicki graciously responded, “Bwaahhhhahha!”