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The Family’s Bob Hunter Says Jeff Sharlet Admitted His Claims About Uganda Are Lies. Uh Oh

Bob Hunter, who served in the Carter and Ford administrations, is a member of D.C.’s secretive The Family. And he is now the group’s media point man, apparently. After maintaining much silence during accusations The Family was heavily involved in crafting, or at least influencing, Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual Bill, here comes Hunter to definitively deny those allegations. In fact, he says, The Family is working to neuter the bill. But that’s not why Hunter’s interview with Rachel Maddow last night is noteworthy. It’s noteworthy because he takes a steaming crap on the work of journalist Jeff Sharlet, who Maddow and others (including this website) have sourced for much information tying The Family to Uganda.

Sharlet “has admitted a lot of [his reportage] has been inaccurate,” says Hunter. “He even has said that the cover of his book is inaccurate. He said to be the cover is horrible and he disowns it.”

That’s a pretty big bombshell, given Sharlet quickly becoming the go-to resource on Uganda’s bill. And while Maddow wisely sidesteps the issue, she does promise to follow up with the writer to see how much grey area there is between fibs and the truth.

(Scroll to around 4:45 for Hunter’s segment.)