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The Gay Age Gap Is Real — And It’s Annoying As Hell

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.25.51 PMIf you’re of a certain age — let’s say you were alive when Star Wars was first released in theaters — you’ve probably been deep in a spirited pop culture-related conversation only to have some whippersnapper ask something like “Who’s Gena Rowlands?” or “What’s Rosemary’s Baby?” or, most criminal of all, “Who is John Waters?”

That’s what happens in this video when a gay guy (comic master Sam Pancake) and an obnoxious young queen (rising funny man Brian Jordan Alvarez) are having a chit-chat that quickly devolves into heated conversation about cultural reference points. It’s comedy, but, you know, with a very important message and reminds us that great sex helps overcome almost any obstacle.

Watch it below and let us know about your own experiences with the gay generational gap.