The Henchman Helping Robert Mugabe Ban Gays From the Constitution

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is, plainly, a nightmare. David Plotz describes him as “what would have happened if George Washington had turned out to be Richard Nixon,” but even that is too fortunate a description, because this is a man who unofficially sanctions rape against women and the extermination of political opponents. He fleeces his already impoverished nation of its resources and foreign aid dollars. His current power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai is just an excuse to continue his reign and allow he and his cronies to enjoy the comforts of corruption. But if you thought Mugabe was a jerk, in part because of his views on homosexuality (he hates gay sex so much he made it illegal), then you’ve yet to meet Mugabe’s longtime defender Didymus Mutasa (pictured), the president’s hand-picked minister of presidential affairs and senior member of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front party, who is Mugabe’s point man as the nation constructs a new constitution.

The president and Tsvangiarai have already made clear they will not permit LGBT rights to see the light of day in the nation’s new governing doctrine. And now it’s Mutasa’s job to carry out that vision: “Practices such as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia which offend human and public morality should be outlawed.” And as for international influence, even from religious groups, to provide a modicum of protection for queers? “We are surprised that some Christian organisations are advocating for gay rights to be included in the constitution, yet we know that gay marriages are even forbidden in the Bible.”

Men like Mugabe can’t alone go on terror rampages. They always hire help.

[RadioVOP, via Rod 2.0]