The Henchman Helping Robert Mugabe Ban Gays From the Constitution

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is, plainly, a nightmare. David Plotz describes him as “what would have happened if George Washington had turned out to be Richard Nixon,” but even that is too fortunate a description, because this is a man who unofficially sanctions rape against women and the extermination of political opponents. He fleeces his already impoverished nation of its resources and foreign aid dollars. His current power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai is just an excuse to continue his reign and allow he and his cronies to enjoy the comforts of corruption. But if you thought Mugabe was a jerk, in part because of his views on homosexuality (he hates gay sex so much he made it illegal), then you’ve yet to meet Mugabe’s longtime defender Didymus Mutasa (pictured), the president’s hand-picked minister of presidential affairs and senior member of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front party, who is Mugabe’s point man as the nation constructs a new constitution.

The president and Tsvangiarai have already made clear they will not permit LGBT rights to see the light of day in the nation’s new governing doctrine. And now it’s Mutasa’s job to carry out that vision: “Practices such as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia which offend human and public morality should be outlawed.” And as for international influence, even from religious groups, to provide a modicum of protection for queers? “We are surprised that some Christian organisations are advocating for gay rights to be included in the constitution, yet we know that gay marriages are even forbidden in the Bible.”

Men like Mugabe can’t alone go on terror rampages. They always hire help.

[RadioVOP, via Rod 2.0]

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  • jason

    Didymus Mutasa has a face which looks as if it’s sucked cocks.

  • Sceth

    @jason: I read his name, looked over at the picture, and thought, “FIERCE!”

    It’s hilarious that they’d say gay marriages are forbidden in the Bible. I thought it was Mansex (or rather, per the euphemisms of the day, Man-layingwith and Manlust) that was decried. Still, whenever our opponents write about gay marriage without using scare quotes, smile, because the idea is sinking in and we’re winning.

    On a more serious note, the ‘gay rights’ in that memo does NOT refer to things like visitation or transgender protection. It’s important to remember that they want to strip gays of humanity; ‘gay rights’ is the concept that gay people can have rights.


    The disgusting, vile, reprehensive face of hate……..

  • Bill Perdue

    “A Ugandan MP has proposed creating an offence of “aggravated homosexuality” to be punishable by death. —BBC News

    As you’d expect, about 70 % of Zimbabweans are christers with many belonging to the roman and anglican catholic cults anad methodists. Pentecostal groups are challenging them. Wiki

    According to David Kuria, manager, Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya “Even at the best of times, advocating for homosexual rights in Africa is an incredibly difficult task. Now, with religious conservatives dishing out tens of thousands of dollars to influence the course of legislation in Africa, the task has become even more difficult – though not impossible.

    The irony of African support for American religious-right extremism on this issue is mind-boggling, if only because in condemning homosexuality they try to appeal to African culture and national identity. That the same evangelists, or at least their precursors, condemned African cultures as being demonic, savage and barbaric is something that seems to escape their own awareness.

    Homosexual-rights advocates will eventually win in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and other parts of Africa, as they have done elsewhere in the world. We could do with less of the religious interference.”

    I agree with Brother Kuria, but he’s a master of understatment.

    “A new report released today details the role that US-based renewal church movements have played in mobilizing homophobic sentiment in at least three African countries. “Globalizing the Culture Wars: U.S. Conservatives, African Churches & Homophobia,” written by Rev. Kapya Kaoma for the progressive think tank Political Research Associates, was the result of a yearlong investigation into the relationship between conservative clergy on two continents, which has hastened divisions within denominations and has “restrict[ed] the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.”

    Renewal groups and their neoconservative ally, the Institute on Religion and Democracy, have long sought to conservatize or split mainline American churches—frequently over gender or sexuality issues—and liberal scholars have traced many of the mainline schisms that have dominated headlines over the past several years to groundwork laid by the IRD and others.”

    For the full report, which is kinda longish and discusses inter-cult rivalries more than GLBT rights, go to

  • Bill Perdue

    @SSCHIEFRSHA: is a zionist and a racist. The two go hand in hand.


    @Bill Perdue: If there’s one thing I’m NOT, it’s a Zionist.

  • Bill Perdue

    @SSCHIEFRSHA: Sorry, wrong kind of racist, but sill a racist.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  • gilber

    he has so much evil in his eyes that looking at this picture for more than 5 seconds becomes overwhelming.

  • LuckyBlueEyez

    Some people have the urge to try and run other peoples lives, this is mainly due to a lack of size in a weenie.


    @Bill Perdue: “Wouldn’t you agree?”


  • ron

    There are no successful black run societies.


    @RON: United States of America, oh yeah, Fuck you.

    Mugabe is something that exists the world over, a tyrant. Since the 30’s we have been dealing with this and I don’t know that it will ever end.

    Africa’s treasure is its downfall. Its minerals and resources are manna to greedy men from all over the world who will prop up whatever dictator is on the scene. Not to excuse Mugabe or any of the other heinous dictators around the world, but, the western or 1st world supplies the incentive for these assjacks to behave the way the do. It’s horrible and a damn shame.

    And, the “christian” connection seems to be a steady thread.

  • gabi!

    i bet the only reason he is trying to ban gays is because he is one and he is ashamed to say!

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