Worst Case Scenarios

The Horror That Took Over America When Adam Lambert Lost

We promise we’ll leave this news peg alone soon (like, before the next season of American Idol starts) but with gossip outlets now letting the Adam Lambert backlash begin — he’s a diva! he’s rude! he’s mean to celebs! — we figured it was time to glimpse at the apocalypse.

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  • osocubano

    I laughed…

  • Lee

    Can’t get the video to play but it looks more like what I imagine every time one of the Obambots goes nuclear:

    Why can’t you just leave Barack alone??????

  • Alex

    @Lee: Kudos for making the least political post on the site today about Barack Obama. You are truly the largest tool on earth.

  • Oh, really?

    I have to agree with Clay Gaykin on this one. The queen made my ears bleed too with his screeching. His style WAS contrived and fake! It was all a hype like Boyele, or whatever her name is, and it came to its conclusion like it was orchestrated it would.

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