The Lauryn Hill Syndrome: We Rate The Antigay Lyrics Of Other Musicians


So Lauryn Hill is bankrupt and put out a lousy last minute effort to bring in cash that’s been panned and yeah it’s full of confusing lyrics that have to be decoded but not so much that lots of people think her rant comparing “girl men” to “serial criminals” is pretty much straight-up homophobic. She’s bending over backwards to explain herself out of the controversy, but at some point you’re just like “blah blah blah” and tune out, ‘cause who really gives a shit about your explanation. You broke it, you own it. Bitch, please.

Anyway, that’s the predictable course for a lot of these offensive lyrics stories. Song drops, lyrics offend, artist explains. Just how offensive are they, though, on the face of it? On the following pages you can be the judge, serial criminal.

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  • heybudletsparty

    Most of these offensive lyrics come from black “musicians”. Hmmm, wonder why….

  • Bonju

    Yo Black people – you got a lot of black gay people among you – open and in the closet. Th The peeps in the closet are called “men on the down low”. Your expression. Not mine.
    So here’s my thought – Lauren Hill is gay and always has been. Her career is in the
    toilet ’cause of her own making. I always thought she was hot but apparently she is
    also a stooge.

    Lastly, I’m sick of all these black musicians who are down on the gay community. They
    can kiss my white gay lesbian asshole after I eliminated.

  • Caleb in SC

    The article said it best: “Bitch, please!”

  • rcs831

    It’s really amazing how if you are a black musician (I use musician loosely) it’s totally okay to be homophobic and say whatever you want about anyone. Why is there such a double standard in that way. It seems if any community can relate to being oppressed it’s the black community yet the black are essentially responsible for the gay marriage ban in Ca. besides the mormans. How does anyone being gay hurt the blacks? Whats the issue?

  • cheshyre76

    There is pleanty of homophobia in the white music community too.
    Dire Straits “Money For Nothin”
    See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup/Yeah buddy thats his own hair
    That little faggot got his own jet airplane/That little faggot hes a millionaire

    Guns N’ Roses “One in a Million”
    Immigrants and faggots/They make no sense to me/They come to our country
    And think they’ll do as they please/Like start some mini Iran,/Or spread some fuckin’ disease.

    As well as guttermouth-“big pink dress” descendents-“hetero” bad brains-“don’t blow bubbles”

  • hamoboy

    The distinction is between singers and rappers, not white musicians and black musicians, but if that’s what you first noticed, it says more about the way you see the world than anything else. Eminem has said much more homophobic things, in fact, so have several other rappers. It seems like queerty only bothered to complain about rappers who aren’t every popular right now, they didn’t set their sight

  • hamoboy

    WTF is up with this site? The last line is supposed to read “It seems like queerty only bother to complain about rappers who aren’t even popular right now, they didn’t set their sights on any of the big boys and girls”.

  • zrocqs

    @heybudletsparty: @Bonju: & @rcs831: Your anger is misplaced. There are two reliable demographic predictors of anti-Gay bigotry: age and frequency of church attendance. Most old folks just can’t seem to adjust (bless their hearts). And most people who attend church weekly or more often worry about their immortal souls. They’ve been taught that they must be anti-Gay for fear of spending eternity away from God.
    Race is NOT a reliable predictor. A greater percentage of African-Americans are frequent church-goers vs white people, but if you re-weight the polling data sets to balance church attendance, support for equality also balances.
    So stop blaming “the blacks”.

  • hamoboy

    @zrocqs: I think also poverty and low education levels are additionally, good predictors of homophobic behaviour.

  • Tackle

    So Queert makes a Black women the face of antigay lyrics/music. And I would question why it’s even called the Lauryn Hill syndrome. Like she invented antigay lyrics/music. As I clicked through all 14, I noticed that many White musicians did antigay lyrics before Lauryn did. And given her mental state. And considering how unstable she is and have been, 15-yrs plus. I would question if she’s a good example to use and make as a poster child for antigay anything.Do we really know if she knows or understand what she’s doing?? And about her bending over backwards and trying to explane herself. Yes I seen that statment. I don’t believe she even wrote that statement. I believe management or someone else wrote that and are trying to smooth things over. She’s too far out there to be that detailed & concise.
    And @Bonju: what about all the White muscians who are down on the gay community. Do they also kiss your dirty asshole??

  • Carl


    This gay urban legend that black people are responsible for Prop 8 is tired. Black people make up 6% of California’s population and the plurality of the jail population. Obama’s presidential campaign cannot change the demographics. The other 94% of the population is responsible for passing of Prop 8.

  • balehead

    Considering how many white gays treat blacks as nothing more that second class sex slaves…I’m not surprised they would be this upset…

  • balehead

    So white gays can’t be uneducated or live in poverty?…..

  • tdx3fan

    @Bonju: On the Down Low is not about gay closet cases. It has nothing to do with being gay at all. It has to do with perfectly heterosexual men that like to fuck, get fucked, suck and get sucked by other dudes. They are still straight and identify as such. They just like male on male sex. Since being gay has so extremely little to do with actual sex (and instead is about emotional attachment), these men are not gay.

  • Bee Gaga

    @Bonju: Girl get over it

  • Bee Gaga

    @rcs831: Yes 7% of the california population voting mostly in opposition to gay marriage is the SOLE reason that didn’t pass, girl please you sound ridiculous point the fingers at your own damn community those other 80+ percent of the population.

  • LadyL

    Last time I looked, country music–which is overwhelmingly white–wasn’t too gay-friendly, either.
    That said, yeah there is a LOT of homophobic attitude among black people; I deal with it every day. As some have pointed out, it is largely driven by poor education, poverty, and the Black Church’s dominance of everyday black life. I would add to that a further complexity: the understanding that to be Black is to embrace certain belief systems and attitudes as a measure of identity and community–“keeping it real.”
    THAT said, nuance matters.
    When I come out to black neighbors or coworkers, most of them react with surpise and curiosity. Some are hostile, but some are anything but. They soften their stance, apologize for any offense given, and ask a lot of questions, receptive to the possibility that their notions of gay are based in stereotypes and misogyny. Some acknowledge gay relatives or admit to sexual experimentation in their own lives, and are actually relieved to be able to explore the subject more freely and honestly.

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